Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thank You To Those Back Home (Week 27)

Hi Everyone!

Spiritual Experiences: 

I hope everyone has been having a great week! This week my sister asked me to share some spiritual experiences that I have had. I pondered a bit on some experiences I have had, and one experience I continue to have over and over is when I study for an investigator. I usually see a scripture that I know will help them, and I instantly right it down and make sure to share it with that investigator that pops into my head and it helps them a ton. After they hear the scripture they have this glow in their eyes that confirms that whatever question they had now made sense. 

One of our investigators Romero said "I know it is true, It's real!" Another spiritual experience happened during a lesson. When we finished the lesson I was going to give the last prayer, and I randomly had the thought to ask if they want me to pray for something special in this prayer, and the investigator Eloise poured her heart and soul to us and started to cry. She talked about all the difficulties in her life, and how she knows she needs the Gospel in her life. She is a single mom who takes care of her mother and her children. I felt the spirit very strong that time. There was not doubt in my mind that I  felt the love the Lord has for her. 

My Companion:

Life with my new companion has definitely been good so far. Elder Graças is from southern Brasil, so he occasionally uses different words, and it throws me off a bit, but I am getting used to the different words and lingoes used here in Brasil haha. It's kind how we speak back in the USA. Some of us say Soda while others say Pop, but overall I feel very comfortable speaking Portuguese. Everyone says I look Brazilian, so I consider my self Brazilian now haha. -VIVA BRASIL-

Thank you to those back home:

Something that really touched me this week is something my dad told me the other week. I was telling him all about life here in Brasil and we started talking about ward life back in Illinois, and he said the following:

"...You are loved by so many people.  During testimony
meeting at church Sister Ranchero thanked us, but especially YOU for being a great 
influence on her son Brent and for helping him get his paperwork ready so that he can go on his mission. Also, just last Sunday a lady form the first word spoke to mom. She mentioned how she has some pictures of when you helped her son Parker to complete his eagle project. They said you had such compassion and love while helping and they thanked us for having such a great son. We feel so blessed to have you as our son, and are reminded of the great works you have accomplished in the past, and I have no doubt that you are continuing to do the same in Brazil..."

What a blessing to have such loving members back home. I hope to continue to be the best I can be so that I can better serve the members here in Brasil. Love you all! Continue to exemplify the light of Christ in your daily lives. Until Next week. 

~Please keep [investigators] Jefferson and Jessica in your prayers~

Elder Arevalo 

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