Returning With Honor


Monday, July 25, 2016

Miracles in Brazil (Week 45)

Hey Everyone, 

I hope everyone has been having a good week so far! This week we possibly might have a baptism! The other investigator is 100% ready for baptism. The daughter also really wants to get baptized and the mom knows the church is true but she needs our prayers and support.

So, on Tuesday when we where walking around making contacts we found a boy and he said "Hey I've seen you before over in sacramenta". I was amazed when he said that! Sacramenta was my old area, and now I am in a new area. I did not talk to him in my last area but the Lord gave me the chance to teach him here in Pioneiro. He is here on vacation! I believe that that is truly a miracle. 
Kimberly named these cats after us

The people here in my new area are very friendly. We asked to use a random persons bathroom and when we entered he took out some milk and gave it to us and said "Sorry I didn't make lunch so I don't have anything to give". Now remember...we never asked for anything more then to use the bathroom! That was so nice of him. 

In other news the President of the district changed. We now have President Shmengis. I think that's how you spell his name. and I can see he is a good man. One thing that is amazing is that he is very humble he understands his weaknesses, and asks for help from his father in heaven. I recently reflected on myself, and I realized I need to be more humble. I am doing my best to ask for help from my Father in Heaven. I am far from perfect and all I do is try my best. It may be hard to recognize our weaknesses, but with out Father in heaven we can do anything.

Well, sorry for the short post, but I hope you all have a great week. Love you all. 

-Elder Arevalo

Ice cream!

The group all together

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I have a son! (Week 44)

Hi Everyone,

My "Son" (Companion)
Currently, I am renewing my Visa as I write this email haha. My visa expires after a year, and I am close to hitting the one year mark soon! Crazy right?! I had to travel by boat this week BACK to Belem in order to renew my visa. My companion did not come with me...instead another Elder in my district (Elder Black) came with me since he also had to renew his Visa. So that is currently happening, but I really like my new area! 

How's my Portuguese?

I know I haven't updated you all on how my Portuguese is going lately, but to officially update everyone on my Portuguese...I am doing very well! I find it hard to think of words in English, and sometimes I find it hard to even write these emails in English so bare with me haha. I'm sure you'll notice it in this email and the future ones to come haha. 

My Experiences From This Week:

The District (Fam) Squad

So my companion and I are really excited because there are so many houses out here! Do you know what that means? More missionary opportunities! The only problem is that the church is very very very very very far away. It makes it harder to take people to church, BUT that doesn't stop us missionaries haha. My companion and I wake up SUPER early and we run over to go wake up our investigators so they can come to church haha. 

This Sunday at church my companion and I had an interesting experience haha. 
It involves Sunday school and some investigators we have. So this past Sunday, in the class "principos do envagelho" (gospel principles) we had a teacher who didn't fully explain his lesson as well as he could have. He was talking about sacrifices and he talked about Abrãao, and how the Lord asked him to sacrifice his only son. Once our investigator heard that...she ran out of the class crying! My companion and I looked at each other a bit confused. So we ran after her and asked what was wrong, and she said "Does this mean the Lord is going to ask for my daughter as a sacrafie?! (sacrifice)!? My companion and I had to re-explain everything out on the street haha! But anyway, our two current investigators out here are really great. He has lots of questions and she has lots of doubts. I am truly worried about her. So we as a companionship will do all we can for them and pray for them daily. So that was pretty interesting, and entertaining, but I am so glad that we were able to have that learning experience with them. 


So while talking to my mom, I realized something. I was kind of reviewing how much I have changed since I left as an 18 year old last year...I feel like I have changed a lot! I personalty see that I now take on lots more responsibility and I really do enjoy working and studying. I have grown to love more people, and to trust in the spirit more. I've stopped complaining about the little things and I've started correcting my errors. After emailing my mother back I just feel so blessed and happy to have the parents I have. Thank you Mom and Dad. You two have both prepared me for this wonderful work I am doing now, and I know the Lord is changing me. I can see I am not the same person that left Chicago, and I have definitely have grown since my life out in Belém so far. Brasil has really changed who I am and who I want to become!

I know that being a missionary is not always the easiest, but I will never be discouraged. I have the help of the Lord. I am working hard so that I can be entitled to his all powerful hand. The Lord has promised me that he would give me guidance, as long as I am doing my part the best I can. As for my "Son" he is good. He is adapting to the mission nicely. He will be a GREAT missionary...most likely he will turn out to be a better missionary then me! I feel so privileged to help and serve him. 

Well, that's about all I have time for mentioning this week, but I hope (as always) that you all have a great week. Pray for missionary experiences, and you will be blessed! Keep being wonderful examples! I pray that all is well back home. Until next week. 

Elder Arevalo 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Yes, We Were On A Boat (Week 43)

Hey Everyone,

This week we went to visit an investigator that told us he was not interested anymore. It was hard to hear him say that to us after all the progress, but everyone has their free agency and we respect that. 
While walking from his home a woman approached us, and after a short conversation she agreed to receive the lessons. We returned later that day, and she and her family loved the lesson we gave! I have a great feeling about them!!!!!

Then we went to Belem and traveled by boat, to Zone Conference

First Class Trip
Zone Conference 
Pepperoni Pizza for Me
Coconuts with the District
Love my District
João at his wedding
João at his Baptism

We had a great uplifting experience with a lot of inspirational talks and spirit filled moments. Also, it was great to see other missionaries in the Zone and share laughs and pizza.

Then on July 9th was my Birthday!!! We had lunch with a member and we cut down some coconuts to enjoy. Later that day I had a very interesting experience! I got a call from the Mission Presidents wife. I thought I was in so much trouble... and I immediately started to think "I did not do anything wrong" and to my surprise she calls me to wish me happy birthday. That was so nice of her! 

Sunday was great we had four investigators at Church. We have a great teaching pool, and João got Married and Baptized on my Birthday back in Sacramenta, I love him and his family they are great.

Love you all until next week from Barcarena Brazil.

Elder Arevalo

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Miracles of the Week (Week 42)

Miracles of the Week

The Trainers at the Mission Home

This week was great, everything started with going to Mission home to be trained as a trainer.

Elder Ferreira and Elder Arevalo

Then, it comes the presentation. All of us Trainers and trainees get together in a meeting room, and our pictures came on a projector.

Elder Ferreira and Elder Arevalo Friends for Ever!!!!! 

That is how the adventure starts for both of us, we introduce our self’s and took our first picture.

Elder Arevalo saying good bye to Belem.

Hello Barcarena here we come!

Then we traveled to our new area, and guess what? we traveled in a boat to our new area.

We started working hard, and a opened a new area. It is really hard, I feel bad because sometimes I don’t know where we are. Hahaha but we are always guided by the spirit.

The members here are great, they help us a lot, also my companion Elder Ferreira is from Rio de Janeiro, and he is really funny and awesome, I love his determination to talk to everyone.  I love him, we are having a GREAT Time.

Elder Arevalo holding his Son Elder Ferreira.  ( Son is the person that you train in the mission and you become his mission father).

Elder Ferreira and Elder Arevalo ready to work!!!!!
Wednesday we found this man his name is Elton. We taught him the restoration of the gospel, and he understood very well. Also that the Church needs a Prophet, 12 Apostles and authority. Then he asked where is that church? we share our testimony and told him that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have that organization. 

We returned to teach him the next day, and by the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptize on July 23 and he said, I think I am going to be baptize.  I can see the spirit works. We see miracles every day and I Know that the Lord help us to do his work.

Until next week family and friends with love,
Elder Arevalo