Thursday, July 7, 2016

Miracles of the Week (Week 42)

Miracles of the Week

The Trainers at the Mission Home

This week was great, everything started with going to Mission home to be trained as a trainer.

Elder Ferreira and Elder Arevalo

Then, it comes the presentation. All of us Trainers and trainees get together in a meeting room, and our pictures came on a projector.

Elder Ferreira and Elder Arevalo Friends for Ever!!!!! 

That is how the adventure starts for both of us, we introduce our self’s and took our first picture.

Elder Arevalo saying good bye to Belem.

Hello Barcarena here we come!

Then we traveled to our new area, and guess what? we traveled in a boat to our new area.

We started working hard, and a opened a new area. It is really hard, I feel bad because sometimes I don’t know where we are. Hahaha but we are always guided by the spirit.

The members here are great, they help us a lot, also my companion Elder Ferreira is from Rio de Janeiro, and he is really funny and awesome, I love his determination to talk to everyone.  I love him, we are having a GREAT Time.

Elder Arevalo holding his Son Elder Ferreira.  ( Son is the person that you train in the mission and you become his mission father).

Elder Ferreira and Elder Arevalo ready to work!!!!!
Wednesday we found this man his name is Elton. We taught him the restoration of the gospel, and he understood very well. Also that the Church needs a Prophet, 12 Apostles and authority. Then he asked where is that church? we share our testimony and told him that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have that organization. 

We returned to teach him the next day, and by the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptize on July 23 and he said, I think I am going to be baptize.  I can see the spirit works. We see miracles every day and I Know that the Lord help us to do his work.

Until next week family and friends with love,
Elder Arevalo

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