Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Opening A New Area (Week 41)

Hi Everyone! This post is a bit longer then my usual posts, but its for a good reason.

This week has been especially wonderful...and here is why:

I had the most amazing time this week working harder then ever to help the people here in Brasil with my companion. I also found out that I am getting transferred.  
My mission president told me that I am opening a new area. He also told me that I am now going to train new missionary. My first thought was, "WOW!" The new area is called, "Pionero", and my Zone is called, "Barcera".

I thought it was really cool to know that the new area is called, "Pionero". Here in Brasil that means "Pioneer", and in a new companion and I will be like Pioneers. We will be going off into this new area never opened before and we area traveling to this new area by BOAT! I thought that was pretty cool.I usually get to my new areas by bus or plane. So this will be a fun new adventure. I also want to take a moment to say how incredibly honored to know that the mission president and the Lord trust me enough to continue to move the work forward in this new area with whoever my new companion will be.

My feelings are everywhere...I am nervous, scared, excited, happy, for this new assignment, but I worked as hard as I could, and sad because I am leaving, BUT I am happy to know that I get to help this new missionary. Many people have told me that opening a new area is hard, especially in this part of Brasil...but I don't think hard areas exist...just hard missionaries. This is the Lords work and this is the Lords plan, and I know that with the help of God we can do anything.

On my last day here in Sacramenta...I went around and said my goodbyes...I even gave João a t-shirt and told him I want pictures of when he gets married.

I also went to say goodbye to a few other people, and Ana Luiza said this to me: 

"Graças a Deus está tudo bem. Sentiremos sua falta também, e posso dizer que seu testemunho foi também fundamental para minha decisão de me batizar." 

I know most of you cannot read or speak Portuguese, but just know that what she told me made my heart swell with joy. I am so touched to see that I had a great impact on her life and that she and her family are on the right path. It makes me so happy. 

I hope everything is alright back home. I send my love and pray that the spirit can be with you all. Also! I got my Birthday Box! Thank you so much! I can feel your love and I am SO lucky to have such wonderful parents. Thanks mom and dad. 

Elder Arevalo

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