Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Package Arrived (Week 39)

Hey Everyone, 

My old companion and I reunited!
This week I got a super cool package that my parents sent me. I took a picture opening it haha. I really loved getting a package!! There was a lot of stuff in there, and I shared a lot of the things I received with members, my companion, and investigators...but I kept the reeses peanut butter cups for myself because that stuff is so good haha. 

Oh! I have a spiritual experience I want to share...
I was at a family home evening and the message was about service and how the little things we do for others make a huge difference. I reflected and even teared up because of the spirit. I could feel it telling me that when we serve, we are loving one other and help others be happy. Then I thought of everything my family and friends have done for me and I was filled with joy and happiness and other words I was filled with the spirit.
The Package From My Parents! Thanks Mom & Dad!
Besides that my week was good. I have been working hard. I am trying my best to teach people with  my companion. I can see that our investigators are very interested in learning, but some of them do not want to act  with faith. I am a little stumped, because João probably wont get baptized this month, BUT he really wants to. He moved but he will get baptized probably on the on the 9th of July (which is my birthday!) and he will be getting married the 8th of July. I am very happy that he will be getting baptized, even if its a month later. The only problem is that if he gets baptized the next month... I may not even be there to witness it because transfers are occurring. So I pray that I am going to be able to stay in Sacramenta at least one more transfer.

My new Quad in Portuguese! Its engraved! 

Elder Arevalo

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