Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Exciting News (Week 40)

Hey Everyone!

So transfers are the 27th, and I recently just spoke to the Mission President, and it looks like I'll most likely be staying in my current area. YES! I have so much work to do here, and I am so glad that I get to stick around a bit longer. 
Anyways, this week was great. I had a great time teaching this wonderful family with Manuel and Beatrice. They have a son, and he really liked church. He seems to really have fun and enjoy it. His father also likes church a lot because of how clear the Gospel is. I can see him smile and the spirit touch him telling him it is the truth. He is a little confused with all the doctrine that the hears from other churches, but we are helping him. Also, do you guys remember me talking about João!? Well, it turns out that he will officially be getting married the 8th of July and be baptized the 9th of July (my birthday) I really hope I will be here so witness it. 

Also, check this out. We got cool T-shirts for our area! Well, thats all for this week. 

Elder Arevalo

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