Returning With Honor


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

MY LAST POST (Week 99)


My beloved friends, I believe this will be my last post. I do not leave until the 15th of August, but I don't think I'll have enough time to blog again next P-Day. 

"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" 

I served a mission with all my heart. It was my privilege to go to many parts of Belem Brazil to carry the Savior’s message, an invitation to come unto Him, and enjoy the fruits of His Gospel. It was a privilege to know many wonderful people, to live in a different culture and learn a different language it. It was also a time of building my own personal testimony of the mission of Jesus Christ.

Throughout my mission, I prayed with my companions each and every morning as we began a new day. The process was repeated each night before we retired to bed. We offered a prayer before we studied, a prayer as we left our apartment to go out to search for our brothers and sisters, and of course, a special prayer when special guidance was needed to direct our missionary work. The frequency of us seeking our Father in Heaven gave us strength, and courage to press forward in the Lord's work to which we had been called to do. 

I testify to you today that many answers would come, sometimes by surprising and positive ways. I also testify today that the guidance of the Holy Spirit seemed to be magnified the more times we seek the Lord for direction on a given day.

I love my Brazilian friends, I will always treasure them every minute in my heart. My president always said: "só os fortes servem no Norte" it was a phrase of inspiration. Yes!!! for me the Brasil Belem Mission will always be the best mission.

My companion and I worked so hard this last week. We were blessed to see a marriage and two families get baptized. I'm so grateful to see that the gospel changes lives. I can say I have given it my 100%.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog every week.
I hope my experiences have helped you just a little bit. I wish all of you could have an experience similar to the one I had with ups and downs, but for was the best experience I have had, and I will treasure it in my heart forever and ever. I am glad I can pause and reflect on my time of service here in Brasil. I gave myself diligently everyday, and of my time and my talent to build our Father in Heaven’s kingdom.

See you all soon. Love you all.
Elder Arevalo

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Working Hard & Faith = Key (Week 98)

Hi, Everyone! 

I cannot believe that time is coming closer. I will be coming home August 16th! Let's not think about that now...

Spiritual Experience: 

This Saturday was AMAZING! We had a lunch activity at the church. There were lots of recent converts, and there were lots of investigators, and I noticed that the people who were getting to know the church, really saw that the church is a good place to be! It gave them more of a desire to stay in the church and one member said, "I feel like this is my second home". Then we had the baptism of João. He was so happy and he was even more happy that he got married last Thursday. It was a great week for him. The change that I saw in him has been amazing he has a new light in him and a happiness that seems never ending. 

Good, I am working a lot and if everything goes right... 
and Gabriel 
are going to get Baptized, please pray for them.

It's going to be really really hard to help them get baptized due to the time issue, but that's the goal we set with them. They just need a little more time and maybe they will make their goal to get baptized before I returned home. 

Elder Arevalo 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

People's Lives Are Changing (Week 97)

Hey Everyone, 

Life is good. Want to know why? Because peoples lives are changing for the better so its amazing! On today's P-Day I plan to just eat, plan, and get the normal necessities done. 

I just found out that I will be flying back to the main city of Belem on August 10th and I will be there 5 days waiting to go home. Of course, I am sure that I will have stuff to do, but this is it. It all feels so real that I am going home soon. Definitely a bittersweet time. 

I have a few goals in mind for me to accomplish before I head home, and one of them is that I need to baptize 3 more families that I really care about. It is not enough time, but I want to do my best. 

Spiritual Experience:

One couple I have been teaching lately has gone to church and they really like it. We were expecting to see them again during the week but we didn't find them. So we left a note, and prayed that they were doing well. Turns out that Sunday we saw them at church and it was great! They said that they were sorry they weren't home when we stopped by, but they were out traveling but definitely returned back in time for church. 

I saw the faith and the willingness they had to sacrifice their time to be obedient to the Lord. I am so happy for them.

Elder Arevalo 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Member Referrals are the Best (Week 96)

Hello Family and Friends
I love member Referrals, let me share an experience with you today.

Elder Amon and I had the best lesson ever this week, two members were sharing the gospel with three of their friends. They invited us to go with them. Oh, believe me, we are so grateful for the members of the church and their referrals. 

My companion and I shared the first lesson, and they love the message the spirit was so strong and It helped my testimony grow leaps and bounds. 

They went to church on Sunday and they said things at church make so much sense, we had a chance to talk to them a little bit after the services, and they said that they felt a strong impression when they entered the Church. 

One of them also said that every time she passes by the church she couldn't figure out that feeling until Sunday, it was something really strong. Sunday she was able to confirm that feeling and it was the answered to her prayers.

They are willing to come back and follow the answer that God is given to them ..... So we testified to them that we knew it was the right decision to come to church on Sunday, and that God has given us so much. We need to count the blessings we have received... We basically when over the entire 2nd lesson on Sunday, and it was the most spiritual we had this week with my companion. Once again my mission has nothing to do with me, but it has everything to do with the Lord. 

In another note, my mother remained me that I have 4 P days left it is unbelievable. I asked my self where the time has gone. The spirit here in Brazil it is so strong. And I know that missionaries are called by God,  I'm grateful for the knowledge I have. 

Thank you for all your Birthday messages, I really appreciated them, and special thanks to all the members that made my birthday a special day, thank you for all your love and the cakes.

Love you all.
Until next week 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

He Came Back (Week 95)

Hey Everyone!


  • My companion is not sick anymore. He is doing much better and fully recovered. 100% Healthy.
  • I am flying to Belem today at 2:55 pm
  • We had 9 investigators at church yesterday. We've been really busy.
  • We have an upcoming baptism this week!
Spiritual Experiences:
  1. We are visiting a married couple, and the wife had a dream Saturday that we would visit them today. We showed up later that day, and she later explained that she was always praying to God so he can show her and her family the right path, and she said that we are the response to her prayers. She went to church and she is really happy.
  2. We are also visiting another married couple with 2 sons. The husband is already a member and he was coming back and was studying a lot the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He then started seeing lots of anti-Mormon things and started asking lots of questions, and it seemed like he lost all his desire to come back to church and get married in the temple. All his dreams went away. That day my companion and I were really sad for him. We prayed and studied a lot to answer his questions. When we visited them the next day he said to us, "No, I am going to follow The Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. No other church explains these things and I never felt so good in the church...I have decided with my wife that we are going to get married this Monday so we can follow the right path. I was stunned, and I was without words...just very happy that the Lord hears and answers prayers. 

With Love,
Elder Arevalo 

Monday, July 3, 2017

My Last Transfer. Am I Staying?(Week 94)

Hello Everyone!

Happy Monday! I hope  you've all been having a great day so far. 
Teaching A Lesson

For me, I've been having a really great week and day. I'm sure you read the title of this blog and wondered if I am getting transferred or not on my last transfer, and it turns out that I will not be getting transferred. I am so happy!!!! I am really excited to stay in my current area and give it my all these last few weeks I am out here. 

Here are a few highlights from my awesome week!

  • João ( was baptized son of Regina)
  • Mão que ajudar aka we cleaned a community park 
  • João and ellen will get married the 25th of this month! Woohoo! 
The Spiritual thought of the week has to be Lucas and Fabiola. They went to on a lesson with us.  
They are new converts, and they shared their story of how they are so much happier now that they are living the Gospel. This helped the investigators a lot...they loved it and they are really happy and excited to share the gospel.

Share your testimony. It's a gift from God, and will change lives.

Elder Arevalo 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Gospel Makes A Difference (Week 93)

Hey Everyone! 

This week I've been doing a lot of pondering. I realized that my last transfer is next week, and I can't believe how fast the time has flown by.

I don't think I've ever worked this hard. The mission is something that has taught me many lessons, and I think the biggest lesson I've learned this week is that the Gospel makes a difference in peoples lives.

Old Photo | Great Memories 
I've seen time and time again that the little things that Satin does to appeal to the world can greatly harm the inner peace that we all want to have. Making the right choice is always one we will never regret, while other choices may lead us to feel remorse and regret.

I've noticed that having the Gospel in my life has made my a happier person. and it has done the same for so many other people here in Brazil. I love seeing people progress spiritually to learn more about their Heavenly Father.

I want to guide and council all of you to do the same. Find your inner peace, get to know our Father in heaven more, and strive to be a good person in this crazy world we live in today. Life is short, and the best thing we can do to show our love for our families, and God is to treat each person on this earth with love, respect, and as if they were our own brothers and sisters.

I don't have much else to say, except I am so grateful to be out here serving the people of Brazil. I don't want it to end!

Elder Arevalo

Monday, June 19, 2017

Always Something New (Week 92)

Hey everyone! 

There was so much that happened this weekend. I cannot tell you how busy I have been! This week I''ll mostly just show you pictures, I hope you like them!


So the marriage that was supposed to happen last week is being delayed because of some paperwork that needs to be taken cared of, but they still want to get married and be together, and that makes me really happy for them! 

Spiritual Experience: 

The Book of Mormon 
I have recently been trying my absolute best these days to use the the book of Mormon. When i was walking from a lesson our investigators who want to get married and be baptized said they are moving. I happily said we would help them move, but was sad when they said there where going to move to another area. Then, I open the book of Mormon, and it said to me -there is only one church and they will be part of the same family- I forgot where the scripture is exactly, but its in the book of 
Mormon. That gave me comfort, and the book of Mormon in general has helped answer many of the questions asked by my investigators. I encourage everyone to read it and use it on a daily basis for your own life, and for those around you! Just when you thought you knew it all, there's always something new to learn. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Another Soul Closer To Our Savior (Week 91)

 Meet João
Hey Everyone, 

These past couple of weeks have been extremely busy, and I have had very little time to write the blog lately. 

So far things have been going well. We have lots of investigators and João, who was recently baptized! João is also going to get married today. The "casamanto" (entry papers) is going to last about 2 hours and I will be there. 

Recife Brazil Temple
I also have another investigator who is taking a 7 hr bus ride to the temple. She is going to the Recife Brazil Temple. I am truly inspired and amazed of the dedication the members have out here to do the Lords will. Its not easy to take a 7 hr bus ride, let alone, provide food, etc on the trip. I am so thankful to have temples so close to home back in the USA. I hope we all take full advantage of the blessings we can receive by helping others and doing the Lords will in the temple.    

Spiritual Experience:
One day we went out to do the Lords work this week, and we went to Belem. Afterwards, we then helped some missionaries go the the hospital and worked in their area.

On Saturday, the Lord put everyone in our path that we needed to help, and it helped us organize the baptism of John and we STILL had 5 other investigators in church. We where blessed. 

The Book of Mormon: 

We have been walking around with the book of Mormon everyday. When we where walking to our house from a meeting a man asked about the book and he said he knew lots of members of the church and he wanted to learn more about it. Then he said he felt liked he wanted to read the book.  WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! I could see his sincerity, and his desire to learn more about our Savior, and I couldn't have been more thrilled to be the Lords tool to bring one more soul back home to our Savior, Redeemer, Mentor...Jesus Christ.  

Investigators to pray for:


Elder Arevalo 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

There is always time to Hep (Week 90)

Elder Amon and Elder Arevalo 
Hello, friends!!!

This week we found out that the Lord will always bless us especially if we do His will.
Elder Amon and I were going to our appointment, and so we were talking and saying that we were going to make it to our appointment really late. We keep walking, then we saw a family that needs help moving some stuff into the house. My companion looked at me and asked if we have time to help them, I taught for a minute and felt the prompt of the Spirit and I said "YES" Elder Amon there is always time to help, and don't worry comp we will make it to our appointment some how. 

We helped them and share a small message with them. To our surprise when we finish and started to walk to our appointment, one of the persons that we just helped asked us when we are coming back again, and I say this week for sure. We set up an appointment to return. But not only he asked us that, he also asked where we were going? and I said to the city of Congos, and he drove us there. 

My companion and I look at each other and look at the sky realizing that was the answer to our previous concern and we made it on time to our aponintment. That night my companion and I reflected and count the blessings. Tthe lesson we learn that day is always time to help and the Lord will take care the rest.
One of the blessings of being a missionary is that you get to see the change in people's lives.  This man has decided to change his life to have the opportunity to have an eternal life with his family.

Families can be together forever!!!

But this change can only be possible with faith in our Heavenly Father and JesusChrist, and the support of those how loves us.

Some people that love this family

Thank you for reading and I hope, you are inspired to help.

With love

Elder Arevalo

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Cooling off on Preparation day
Hello, friends!!
It is officially super hot here in Brazil ...I remember when I got my call and saw that I was going to Brazil I thought man, "I'm going to get a tan!" Well, believe or not I'm super TAN...  NOT that mom is not counting, but my time is coming to the end soon. Let me share this, I feel like I have to work more, and even harder.

I love the Lords work, and share the Gospel became easier every time, even dough people politely say no to us ...

We had one of the coolest experiences on my mission this week, and I don't have the words to describe it; it felt just right, and I have no doubt that this is the true Gospel. One thing about Brazilian families is that they are small and very close, and that make it is easier to share the Gospel. 
Marriage Ceremony

This. Week one couple got married and got Baptize. We are so happy for them because I can see that they love each other so much, and they want to be together Forever. 
Your Elder at the Ceremony
I like to challenge all of you that are reading this today, That if you read and ponder on your scriptures every day, as you persevere in gaining knowledge of Christ, He will manifest his love for you in a way that you will recognize.
I love my companion
Brazil, been a totally different country from the United States of America, I had learned how people at Brazil shows love for you, I also learned how there are lots of similar things, but there are also lots of different things, but what is similar is that you start loving the people that are closer to you first, and then do like a spiral that will extend to all that you get in contact with.
My dear friends, the more you learn to love people, the happier you'll be.”
Until next week, love you all 
Elder Kevin Arevalo

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The importance of...(Week 88)

Hey Everyone, 

This week my companion got a little sick, nothing too serious, just the common cold. So hopefully he gets the rest he needs and nutrition to feel better. That has been our goal for him haha. 


My investigators are doing great. We found 3 families, and one is trying to get married, but they still don't have the money to pay for the marriage license. Its about 250 Brazilian reals to get a marriage license, which is about 80 US dollars.  


We also found someone named Rosa this week. We taught her about the restoration and she loved it. She said she felt closer to the savior because she could feel the love Jesus Christ has for her and her family to know that he has such an amazing plan for us, and she even went to church that following Sunday. 

Cesar -knows the importance of baptism and marriage  

Also, do you guys remember Cesar? Well, he officially got married, and will be baptized this week! I'm so happy that he found out how important it is to follow the savior and to follow his commandments. 
  • Baptism's purpose is to show the Lord that we want to represent him in our everyday actions, and follow him. 
  • Marriage is a representation that we want the Lord to be a part of the relationship we have with the one and only person we love the most on this earth and that is whomever we choose it to be. 
    • Why is marriage in the temple important? -Marriage in the temple and a civil marriage are the exact same thing. It is a union that lawfully combines two people who love each other, BUT MARRIAGE IN THE TEMPLE...adds the presence of the Lord and that is what makes the marriage eternal. The Lord only is present in Holy places, and what better place to get married than the ONE place that the Lord can be a part of? That is why a temple marriage is so important. If you truly love the person you are with...wouldn't you want to make it eternal? 


We are teaching him and he is really nice and he understands that the word we teach is true and he is going to bring his family to church. 

The best part of my week!

The best part of my week was Ellani and her parents. We taught a lesson like we normally do, but I felt something so different in this lesson, I felt like the savior was standing on my side teaching her and the lesson was very simple. It was actually one of the most simplest lessons I've taught and I loved it. I was so happy! It was amazing! She understood everything she needs to, and she was really happy with our visit, and she is going to pray and I know she will receive her response to her prayers, because the spirit in that room in that moment was something I can't explain with words, but it was amazing. 

Elder Arevalo 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day (Week 87)

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone has had a good mothers day! I got to spend mothers day skyping my family a bit! it was awesome to see and talk to everyone for a little. 

Transfers are here, and I may or may not be leaving. I have been in my area for 6 months now, so anything can happen. I could stay or leave and go to a new area for 3 months left of my mission.

Spiritual Experience:
For this spiritual experience I have to talk about Suelen.
Suelen would have been baptized this week! but she had some problems she is trying to resolve. She got really sad, but a little after she was like "Nope, I will be baptized and I will receive the spirit". it was a huge demonstration of faith and focus and works. She needs our prayers and our help.

Just an update for those who are asking...baptisms have been great this month. We already have had 8 this month and its only the beginning of the month. We are so blessed.

Thank everyone. Until next week! 

 Elder Arevalo 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Off To Belem Again! (Week 86)

Hey Everyone, 

This week we had stake conference and it was really good. 

The area is also doing good. We have 3 baptisms this week, and overall the work is great. Cesar is going to resolve the little parts of marriage,Vera and Weaverson went to church again and Vera loved the plan of salvation, because she likes how perfect it is. She is helping her husband understand the lesson a bit better. 
Raissa is moving to são paulo (its really far) this saturday and she won't be baptized here. 
Johnny is also being baptized. He is just a little scared of the water, but we are going to help him with that.

Anyways, not much to explain this week, but today after I am done writing this I am going to eat, go to Belem for a zone conference, and then buy a camera. Wish me luck!

Elder Arevalo 

Monday, May 1, 2017

I Was Robbed (Week 85)

Hey Everyone!

Marriage License

Everything is going really smoothly for everyone this week. Cesar and his wife finally got their marriage license! I'll give you guys updates next week. 

I Was Robbed:

This was a pretty crazy experience. My companion and I came home one day just like normal. We turned on the lights and as we looked around the apartment and we saw a huge mess. Everything was thrown around, things were out of place, things were ripped, destroyed, and dirty. We will have to reorganize the house again. It was all nice and clean and the robber made our whole house dirty.  My companion and I had no idea if the robber(s) were still in the house hiding from us, but it turned out that everything was clear. They must have robbed us during the day while we were working. So we are fine. 

We started putting everything back in its place and we looked around to see what was taken. Turns out that my new shirt that my parents sent me was stolen, my cologne, sandals, and my camera but that is all, nothing super important. 

It was sad to see our place destroyed...but that's life. All we can do is learn from it and move on. So, because this happened, my companion and I are changing things up a bit. We are taking new precautions. We are protecting the house by adding medal bars on the windows now so the robbers cant come back. 

Well, that's all for this week. I hope you all stay safe. 

Elder Arevalo 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I'm a Grandpa! (Week 84)

Hey Everyone!
At the apartment 

Marriage This Week

This week is a special week because we finally are going to see Cesar and Elloni get baptized and married, and I couldn't be more excited for them. They have grown so much every since I have met them, and I know that the Lord is blessing their lives daily. 

My son on the left and his son on the right

I am a Grandpa

Check this out! This is my son on the left and his son on the right. I'm so glad that my son gets to experience having a son. Plus, its really cool to see how far my son has come. He's always been a hard worker, and I have no doubt that he is continuing to learn as he teaches his son the ways of the mission haha.

Spiritual Experience: 

  • Sullen and Alice (mom and daughter) are reading the book of Mormon. They where references from Karen. They are trying their best to study the scriptures. We recently spoke to them and Sullen told us that she has her answer. She knows the book of Mormon is true, and she stopped drinking coffee! She was really addicted. She drake like every 5 seconds back in the day. They are working and doing their best to be baptized, and I am so happy for them. The best thing about Sullen and Alice is that they want us to come over everyday, and they always say to us "you guys and the church are so different. There is a light and a spirit with you guys. It doesn't matter if it is Elder Amon or Elder ALL have a spirit. It's so powerful and amazing." 
  • Fabiola and Lucas (fabiola was baptised with Elder Belo and I) they are going to activities and they are love being members. They are making tons of friends in the church. 
Anyways, I really love it out here. I can feel myself growing so much from everything I am doing. I truly love these people, and I always want the best for them. I hope every single one of you do your best (including myself) to find ways to serve others. Love you all.

-Elder Arevalo 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Spirit Is Real (Week 83)

Hey Everyone!

My companion Elder Belo got transferred, and I am now with Elder Amon. 

Update On Investigators:

They seem to be doing good.
Sullen (mother) and Alice (daughter) went to church for the second time. They like the church a lot and Sullen has a testimony that the church is true. 
Madalena is doing great. She is getting ready to be married. She went to church, and she is reading the book of Mormon. 

Cezer is confident and is ready to get baptized. We only have to get one last thing done before they can get married. On another note, he has been sharing his testimony about prayer. He realizes that many people criticize the church, but he said "They don't even believe in prayer. I tried tell others about how I was touched by the spirit in a prayer and that is why I know the church is true, but they said, "I was praying the wrong way" 

He told us they don't make sense haha. 
João is learning about the church and is liking church a lot. He is making great progress and is trying his hardest to abandon coffee. His wife Ellen is helping him, she is a member.
Overall, I love them a lot. I want to help them a lot too.

Spiritual Experience:

It has to be Cezer.
He is so good. He recently had a dream of a bad spirit telling him that he wont be able to be on the side of God, and he looked at us and said "the enemy has no power over us. He is tempting us, and he is putting us in hard decisions,  but I have made up my mind. I will be on the Lords side and he will protect me like he did this week".
Last week he was going to get robbed. He got a feeling from the spirit that he needs to buy cameras, and build a wall and he felt that he needed to change the time that he works. The day after he changed his working time...a robber tried to break in and he was there to protect his wife and his baby! So the spirit is REAL and protects and loves us. 

Elder Arevalo 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Don't pray like this! (Week 82)

Hey Everyone, 
To learn about prayer...go to the bottom!


I sometimes like to make a section about my companion because my companions are so awesome! My companion right now is great, because he always works so hard with me (we are like a team) and he is always so happy. I feel like I have to tell you guys how great my companions are occasionally.

Baptisms/Spiritual Experience:

We had 2 baptisms. The baptism was for Fabula and Ediana. 
Before baptism Fabula already had a testimony of the church, and her husband Lucas was less active in the past. They have a picture together that I sent over.  I am not sure if you guys remember but he is the one who tore his ligament in his knee, but is determined to come back to church.
His wife said she will help him and give him spiritual support. She said she is really happy, especially because their friend Danial baptized her. 

Ediana has been trying to be baptized for 1 year and 7 months now.  She already knew the church is true. She was really nervous, but she is so happy to finally be baptized. She has had many difficulties in life that made it a bit harder for her, but she is now baptized and I am so happy for her. She is a great example of never giving up and to always try your best. 

I'm Traveling: 

I am going to go to Belem today! Since I am a zone leader, I am required to go every month for a reunion. 


I wanted to share this with you guys. I think prayer is very important. It's a way for us to communicate with God. Communication does not mean only one person is talking,  but instead it means that should wait and listen to hear the spirit of the Lord so that we may be guided to do his will. I want you to remember that our prayers should be a conversation not like a pizza delivery order. Just something for us all (including myself) to think about. 

Until next week!
Elder Arevalo