Thursday, May 25, 2017

The importance of...(Week 88)

Hey Everyone, 

This week my companion got a little sick, nothing too serious, just the common cold. So hopefully he gets the rest he needs and nutrition to feel better. That has been our goal for him haha. 


My investigators are doing great. We found 3 families, and one is trying to get married, but they still don't have the money to pay for the marriage license. Its about 250 Brazilian reals to get a marriage license, which is about 80 US dollars.  


We also found someone named Rosa this week. We taught her about the restoration and she loved it. She said she felt closer to the savior because she could feel the love Jesus Christ has for her and her family to know that he has such an amazing plan for us, and she even went to church that following Sunday. 

Cesar -knows the importance of baptism and marriage  

Also, do you guys remember Cesar? Well, he officially got married, and will be baptized this week! I'm so happy that he found out how important it is to follow the savior and to follow his commandments. 
  • Baptism's purpose is to show the Lord that we want to represent him in our everyday actions, and follow him. 
  • Marriage is a representation that we want the Lord to be a part of the relationship we have with the one and only person we love the most on this earth and that is whomever we choose it to be. 
    • Why is marriage in the temple important? -Marriage in the temple and a civil marriage are the exact same thing. It is a union that lawfully combines two people who love each other, BUT MARRIAGE IN THE TEMPLE...adds the presence of the Lord and that is what makes the marriage eternal. The Lord only is present in Holy places, and what better place to get married than the ONE place that the Lord can be a part of? That is why a temple marriage is so important. If you truly love the person you are with...wouldn't you want to make it eternal? 


We are teaching him and he is really nice and he understands that the word we teach is true and he is going to bring his family to church. 

The best part of my week!

The best part of my week was Ellani and her parents. We taught a lesson like we normally do, but I felt something so different in this lesson, I felt like the savior was standing on my side teaching her and the lesson was very simple. It was actually one of the most simplest lessons I've taught and I loved it. I was so happy! It was amazing! She understood everything she needs to, and she was really happy with our visit, and she is going to pray and I know she will receive her response to her prayers, because the spirit in that room in that moment was something I can't explain with words, but it was amazing. 

Elder Arevalo 

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