Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Cooling off on Preparation day
Hello, friends!!
It is officially super hot here in Brazil ...I remember when I got my call and saw that I was going to Brazil I thought man, "I'm going to get a tan!" Well, believe or not I'm super TAN...  NOT that mom is not counting, but my time is coming to the end soon. Let me share this, I feel like I have to work more, and even harder.

I love the Lords work, and share the Gospel became easier every time, even dough people politely say no to us ...

We had one of the coolest experiences on my mission this week, and I don't have the words to describe it; it felt just right, and I have no doubt that this is the true Gospel. One thing about Brazilian families is that they are small and very close, and that make it is easier to share the Gospel. 
Marriage Ceremony

This. Week one couple got married and got Baptize. We are so happy for them because I can see that they love each other so much, and they want to be together Forever. 
Your Elder at the Ceremony
I like to challenge all of you that are reading this today, That if you read and ponder on your scriptures every day, as you persevere in gaining knowledge of Christ, He will manifest his love for you in a way that you will recognize.
I love my companion
Brazil, been a totally different country from the United States of America, I had learned how people at Brazil shows love for you, I also learned how there are lots of similar things, but there are also lots of different things, but what is similar is that you start loving the people that are closer to you first, and then do like a spiral that will extend to all that you get in contact with.
My dear friends, the more you learn to love people, the happier you'll be.”
Until next week, love you all 
Elder Kevin Arevalo

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