Thursday, June 8, 2017

There is always time to Hep (Week 90)

Elder Amon and Elder Arevalo 
Hello, friends!!!

This week we found out that the Lord will always bless us especially if we do His will.
Elder Amon and I were going to our appointment, and so we were talking and saying that we were going to make it to our appointment really late. We keep walking, then we saw a family that needs help moving some stuff into the house. My companion looked at me and asked if we have time to help them, I taught for a minute and felt the prompt of the Spirit and I said "YES" Elder Amon there is always time to help, and don't worry comp we will make it to our appointment some how. 

We helped them and share a small message with them. To our surprise when we finish and started to walk to our appointment, one of the persons that we just helped asked us when we are coming back again, and I say this week for sure. We set up an appointment to return. But not only he asked us that, he also asked where we were going? and I said to the city of Congos, and he drove us there. 

My companion and I look at each other and look at the sky realizing that was the answer to our previous concern and we made it on time to our aponintment. That night my companion and I reflected and count the blessings. Tthe lesson we learn that day is always time to help and the Lord will take care the rest.
One of the blessings of being a missionary is that you get to see the change in people's lives.  This man has decided to change his life to have the opportunity to have an eternal life with his family.

Families can be together forever!!!

But this change can only be possible with faith in our Heavenly Father and JesusChrist, and the support of those how loves us.

Some people that love this family

Thank you for reading and I hope, you are inspired to help.

With love

Elder Arevalo

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