Returning With Honor


Monday, January 30, 2017

Fake Money (Week 72)

Hey Everyone,

Being a ZL is definitely teaching me so much about life, and about how to approach different situations. The responsibility I have is really helping me grow. I am definitely always looking for guidance from the Lord, and let me just say...he is always listening. By the way. Here are some pictures too.

Special Activity

Game: So we did an activity with some investigators. It was a game where you are holding onto the iron bar, and  
we gave everyone paper money. They each got to chose what to do with the money. They were allowed to go and play games and drink juice or stay in the gospel study room. 

Rules: They lost money every time they went to play games and drink juice, but gained money in the study room. 

Final Result: Once they had their fun...we put them in their different celestial glories depending on how much money they had by the end. This is how we broke it down:

  • 0 Dollars:    Outer Darkness
  • 1-3 Dollars: Terrestrial Glory
  • 4-6 Dollars: Telestial Glory 
  • 6 + Dollars: Celestial Glory 
We then explained that the choices we make today...determine who we will be, what we will become, and where we will go after this life. They really enjoyed the lesson and also had a lot of fun. My companion and I felt really good about it. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Guess What?! (Week 71)

Hey Everyone!
It's Monday! Email day! 

Guess what?! I got a call Sunday morning informing my companion and I that we are getting transferred, but not too far away. I just got transferred to the other ward next to me. It is right behind our house so that's awesome. Elder Belo (now my future new companion) does not have a companion so they needed me over here in the this ward with Elder G Santos so that Elder Belo isn't alone. So we are going to be a trio until Tuesday. 

Oh I am also a Zone Leader now. So now I have more responsibilities than I did as a District Leader, so that also happened. I look forward to it, and I'll make sure to continue to pray to be an instrument in the Lords hands. 

Spiritual Experience:

This spiritual experience was with someone named Jr. 
He is a young man we are teaching. He knows the church is true and he is doing his best to help his family get better, because his family is involved with some he is setting an example for them, and he is not even baptized! He is so awesome!  His happiness and will to help other people is something amazing! Truly a gift of God. I am so proud of him. He is going to do great things I can feel it. 

Anyway, please pray for me and all missionaries around the world! I will make sure to keep you all in my prayers as well. Have a great week everyone.

Elder Arevalo

Thursday, January 19, 2017

She Had A Dream (Week 70)

Hey Everyone!

Companion Update:
My companion is the bomb! He has a great attitude and is really happy. We are working so hard and we even made a cake together. He even told me he really wants to help his family since his entire family aren't members of the church. 

Spiritual Experience #1:
Finally! A picture with the new companion!

So this week we had a baptism lined up for Ellen, but on the day of her seemed like she vanished off the face of the earth. Out of all the confusion, I felt the spirit during the day saying to me everything will be okay. We could not find her at all and she was not baptized. So my companion Elder G Santos and I went home. While at home I continued to think about what could have happened to Ellen...saying things like "Why would this happen? How could this happen? This makes no sense!" I was so confused and a bit bitter. ALL OF A SUDDEN...I felt the spirit saying to me "You will do my will and nothing else" and at that very moment I saw how childish I was. 

I knew at that moment that if the Lord wanted it to happen he would have made it possible and I am here on the earth to do the Lords will not mine. I learned to be humble, to listen to the spirit, and follow the Lord because (as always) he knows best.

Spiritual Experience #2:

Just call us chef's Arevalo & Santos! The cake was so good!
There is an investigator with the name of Lucia. She lives next the to the church. We told her to pray to know if we are showing her the correct path. She prayed and she had a dream that night! She dreamed that she was in her church (catholic), and the pastor got up and said he doesn't feel that she should go there and left the church. Then she saw her following me and my companion on a path with lots of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know with all my heart that this church is true! I cannot tell you all enough. Thank you for letting me share my experiences with you all as you continue to support me with all your emails! I am so thankful! 

Until next week.

Elder Arevalo 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I'm So Grateful (Week 69)

Hi Everyone, 

New Companion: 

This week I finally got my new companion, and he is awesome! His name is Elder G. Santos. He is really tall, funny, a recent convert, and an overall super happy guy. He has been on his mission for about 4 months now, and is from São Paulo! 
I think as a companionship we are going to do great things. I really admire that he is out here on the mission, because his entire family are not members of the church. 
Me with my package last year!

Spiritual Experience:

So when we where teaching Ellen she started to cry, because she knows everything we are teaching is true. She said, "I know the church is guys are representatives of the Lord here today to help me and I am so grateful. Plus she is really happy to go to church. It was awesome to hear that from Ellen. I'm excited! 

Christmas Package:

So my parents sent me a Christmas package and it arrived in Brasil at the mission home on the 23rd of December, but since I am so far away I haven't been able to receive it yet. I don't mind that I haven't gotten it yet, but I was just told that the zone leaders are going to give it to me in two days (Wednesday).

I'm Grateful: 

My mom asked me if I was now a senior companion, and I was me it doesn't really matter if I am a senior companion, zone leader, district leader, etc...I am just happy I am here to serve others. I love this work. I am having a great time, and I am learning a lot. I have never been so grateful for such an opportunity like this. Thank you so much for all the help you ALL have given to me on the mission and before the mission. I really appreciate you all.

Until next week.

Elder Arevalo 

Monday, January 2, 2017

He's Got His Priorities Straight (Week 68)

Hi Everyone, 

I just wanted to start off and say Happy New Year! ☺ I'm so excited to start my new year off here in my new area Macapa, Brazil. 


  • I ate a huge Shrimp on New Years Eve haha. It was good. 
  • I currently don't have a companion...I am in a Trio with Elder Belo and the Zone Leader Elder Luiz. They're great, but I'm excited to get a new companion tomorrow. He arrives tomorrow at 1 pm. I don't know anything about him, so I'll give you the run down next week. 

Spiritual Experience:

There is this investor named Isaias. He is great! He went to church last Sunday, and he wants to get baptized...AND...he went to church even though he went to bed at 2 O'clock in the morning! What an example he is to all of us! Isaias is putting the Lord first, and I am so amazed because he is an investigator. What a champ! The Lord truly always helps us find people that are ready to be closer to our Father in Heaven. 

I hope you all have a great start to the New Year! Remember to always strive to become better, and closer to our Father in Heaven. 

Elder Arevalo