Monday, January 23, 2017

Guess What?! (Week 71)

Hey Everyone!
It's Monday! Email day! 

Guess what?! I got a call Sunday morning informing my companion and I that we are getting transferred, but not too far away. I just got transferred to the other ward next to me. It is right behind our house so that's awesome. Elder Belo (now my future new companion) does not have a companion so they needed me over here in the this ward with Elder G Santos so that Elder Belo isn't alone. So we are going to be a trio until Tuesday. 

Oh I am also a Zone Leader now. So now I have more responsibilities than I did as a District Leader, so that also happened. I look forward to it, and I'll make sure to continue to pray to be an instrument in the Lords hands. 

Spiritual Experience:

This spiritual experience was with someone named Jr. 
He is a young man we are teaching. He knows the church is true and he is doing his best to help his family get better, because his family is involved with some he is setting an example for them, and he is not even baptized! He is so awesome!  His happiness and will to help other people is something amazing! Truly a gift of God. I am so proud of him. He is going to do great things I can feel it. 

Anyway, please pray for me and all missionaries around the world! I will make sure to keep you all in my prayers as well. Have a great week everyone.

Elder Arevalo

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