Monday, January 30, 2017

Fake Money (Week 72)

Hey Everyone,

Being a ZL is definitely teaching me so much about life, and about how to approach different situations. The responsibility I have is really helping me grow. I am definitely always looking for guidance from the Lord, and let me just say...he is always listening. By the way. Here are some pictures too.

Special Activity

Game: So we did an activity with some investigators. It was a game where you are holding onto the iron bar, and  
we gave everyone paper money. They each got to chose what to do with the money. They were allowed to go and play games and drink juice or stay in the gospel study room. 

Rules: They lost money every time they went to play games and drink juice, but gained money in the study room. 

Final Result: Once they had their fun...we put them in their different celestial glories depending on how much money they had by the end. This is how we broke it down:

  • 0 Dollars:    Outer Darkness
  • 1-3 Dollars: Terrestrial Glory
  • 4-6 Dollars: Telestial Glory 
  • 6 + Dollars: Celestial Glory 
We then explained that the choices we make today...determine who we will be, what we will become, and where we will go after this life. They really enjoyed the lesson and also had a lot of fun. My companion and I felt really good about it. 

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