Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Back to Belem (Week 73)

Hi Everyone, 

My week was really busy this week. We had 26 lessons total these past couple of days last week, and we are hoping some of these will lead to baptisms. 

Flying to Belem

Arriving in Belem with Elder Belo
I also am going back to Belem today around 1 pm. I will be flying on a plane and will be meeting with another zone leader and my mission president. I've only had one meeting with him like 4 months ago when I was with Elder Ferriera. He was just interviewing everyone, nothing big. He asked how I was doing and if my parents are going to look for me at the end of my mission. 


Overall the members are great. The investigators are great. We have a possibility of a baptism this week and 2 the next week. I have found that when we focus on one thing and act with all our force we are blessed even when things seem impossible.

My comp and I worked a lot this week and we had some of the most spiritual lessons that I have ever experience in my entire mission so far. I can feel the spirit testifying of my words to Vinicos (investigator) when we where teaching him he felt the spirit really strong, 

That's all for this week. Thanks everyone for alway supporting me in every way! 

Elder Arevalo 

Leadership council on the mission

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