Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day (Week 87)

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone has had a good mothers day! I got to spend mothers day skyping my family a bit! it was awesome to see and talk to everyone for a little. 

Transfers are here, and I may or may not be leaving. I have been in my area for 6 months now, so anything can happen. I could stay or leave and go to a new area for 3 months left of my mission.

Spiritual Experience:
For this spiritual experience I have to talk about Suelen.
Suelen would have been baptized this week! but she had some problems she is trying to resolve. She got really sad, but a little after she was like "Nope, I will be baptized and I will receive the spirit". it was a huge demonstration of faith and focus and works. She needs our prayers and our help.

Just an update for those who are asking...baptisms have been great this month. We already have had 8 this month and its only the beginning of the month. We are so blessed.

Thank everyone. Until next week! 

 Elder Arevalo 

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