Thursday, July 27, 2017

People's Lives Are Changing (Week 97)

Hey Everyone, 

Life is good. Want to know why? Because peoples lives are changing for the better so its amazing! On today's P-Day I plan to just eat, plan, and get the normal necessities done. 

I just found out that I will be flying back to the main city of Belem on August 10th and I will be there 5 days waiting to go home. Of course, I am sure that I will have stuff to do, but this is it. It all feels so real that I am going home soon. Definitely a bittersweet time. 

I have a few goals in mind for me to accomplish before I head home, and one of them is that I need to baptize 3 more families that I really care about. It is not enough time, but I want to do my best. 

Spiritual Experience:

One couple I have been teaching lately has gone to church and they really like it. We were expecting to see them again during the week but we didn't find them. So we left a note, and prayed that they were doing well. Turns out that Sunday we saw them at church and it was great! They said that they were sorry they weren't home when we stopped by, but they were out traveling but definitely returned back in time for church. 

I saw the faith and the willingness they had to sacrifice their time to be obedient to the Lord. I am so happy for them.

Elder Arevalo 

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