Tuesday, July 11, 2017

He Came Back (Week 95)

Hey Everyone!


  • My companion is not sick anymore. He is doing much better and fully recovered. 100% Healthy.
  • I am flying to Belem today at 2:55 pm
  • We had 9 investigators at church yesterday. We've been really busy.
  • We have an upcoming baptism this week!
Spiritual Experiences:
  1. We are visiting a married couple, and the wife had a dream Saturday that we would visit them today. We showed up later that day, and she later explained that she was always praying to God so he can show her and her family the right path, and she said that we are the response to her prayers. She went to church and she is really happy.
  2. We are also visiting another married couple with 2 sons. The husband is already a member and he was coming back and was studying a lot the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He then started seeing lots of anti-Mormon things and started asking lots of questions, and it seemed like he lost all his desire to come back to church and get married in the temple. All his dreams went away. That day my companion and I were really sad for him. We prayed and studied a lot to answer his questions. When we visited them the next day he said to us, "No, I am going to follow The Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. No other church explains these things and I never felt so good in the church...I have decided with my wife that we are going to get married this Monday so we can follow the right path. I was stunned, and I was without words...just very happy that the Lord hears and answers prayers. 

With Love,
Elder Arevalo 

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