Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Working Hard & Faith = Key (Week 98)

Hi, Everyone! 

I cannot believe that time is coming closer. I will be coming home August 16th! Let's not think about that now...

Spiritual Experience: 

This Saturday was AMAZING! We had a lunch activity at the church. There were lots of recent converts, and there were lots of investigators, and I noticed that the people who were getting to know the church, really saw that the church is a good place to be! It gave them more of a desire to stay in the church and one member said, "I feel like this is my second home". Then we had the baptism of João. He was so happy and he was even more happy that he got married last Thursday. It was a great week for him. The change that I saw in him has been amazing he has a new light in him and a happiness that seems never ending. 

Good, I am working a lot and if everything goes right... 
and Gabriel 
are going to get Baptized, please pray for them.

It's going to be really really hard to help them get baptized due to the time issue, but that's the goal we set with them. They just need a little more time and maybe they will make their goal to get baptized before I returned home. 

Elder Arevalo 

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