Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I'm a Grandpa! (Week 84)

Hey Everyone!
At the apartment 

Marriage This Week

This week is a special week because we finally are going to see Cesar and Elloni get baptized and married, and I couldn't be more excited for them. They have grown so much every since I have met them, and I know that the Lord is blessing their lives daily. 

My son on the left and his son on the right

I am a Grandpa

Check this out! This is my son on the left and his son on the right. I'm so glad that my son gets to experience having a son. Plus, its really cool to see how far my son has come. He's always been a hard worker, and I have no doubt that he is continuing to learn as he teaches his son the ways of the mission haha.

Spiritual Experience: 

  • Sullen and Alice (mom and daughter) are reading the book of Mormon. They where references from Karen. They are trying their best to study the scriptures. We recently spoke to them and Sullen told us that she has her answer. She knows the book of Mormon is true, and she stopped drinking coffee! She was really addicted. She drake like every 5 seconds back in the day. They are working and doing their best to be baptized, and I am so happy for them. The best thing about Sullen and Alice is that they want us to come over everyday, and they always say to us "you guys and the church are so different. There is a light and a spirit with you guys. It doesn't matter if it is Elder Amon or Elder ALL have a spirit. It's so powerful and amazing." 
  • Fabiola and Lucas (fabiola was baptised with Elder Belo and I) they are going to activities and they are love being members. They are making tons of friends in the church. 
Anyways, I really love it out here. I can feel myself growing so much from everything I am doing. I truly love these people, and I always want the best for them. I hope every single one of you do your best (including myself) to find ways to serve others. Love you all.

-Elder Arevalo 

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