Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Spirit Is Real (Week 83)

Hey Everyone!

My companion Elder Belo got transferred, and I am now with Elder Amon. 

Update On Investigators:

They seem to be doing good.
Sullen (mother) and Alice (daughter) went to church for the second time. They like the church a lot and Sullen has a testimony that the church is true. 
Madalena is doing great. She is getting ready to be married. She went to church, and she is reading the book of Mormon. 

Cezer is confident and is ready to get baptized. We only have to get one last thing done before they can get married. On another note, he has been sharing his testimony about prayer. He realizes that many people criticize the church, but he said "They don't even believe in prayer. I tried tell others about how I was touched by the spirit in a prayer and that is why I know the church is true, but they said, "I was praying the wrong way" 

He told us they don't make sense haha. 
João is learning about the church and is liking church a lot. He is making great progress and is trying his hardest to abandon coffee. His wife Ellen is helping him, she is a member.
Overall, I love them a lot. I want to help them a lot too.

Spiritual Experience:

It has to be Cezer.
He is so good. He recently had a dream of a bad spirit telling him that he wont be able to be on the side of God, and he looked at us and said "the enemy has no power over us. He is tempting us, and he is putting us in hard decisions,  but I have made up my mind. I will be on the Lords side and he will protect me like he did this week".
Last week he was going to get robbed. He got a feeling from the spirit that he needs to buy cameras, and build a wall and he felt that he needed to change the time that he works. The day after he changed his working time...a robber tried to break in and he was there to protect his wife and his baby! So the spirit is REAL and protects and loves us. 

Elder Arevalo 

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