Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Happy Birthday! (Week 81)

Hey Everyone!

Today it is my companion (Elder Belo's) birthday! So we are going out to eat to celebrate, and then going to play some volleyball. 

Update On My Foot:

It is healing very well. I was unable to use my normal shoes for awhile, and had to use sandals, but now I am good to go. I can start using my normal dress shoes. 


I liked everything! The talks where really nice. I loved the priesthood session, and how the prophet said that we need to be more loving, and that is how we can use the power of God aka the priesthood.


So whats new this week? Let me tell you. 1) Cesar is going to get married! 
2) Fabula, she is an investigator of a member that is less active, but he (the inactive member) is coming back to church and his wife wants to get baptized. They both watched General Conference at home, and Cesar loved it. He wants to know more about covenants, and he want to make them with God. 

Spiritual Experience: 

So we meet Fabula and Lucas this week. Lucas is a less active member, but what I really like about him is that he went to church last week even though he has a torn tendon.  Lucas told us he wants his wife to meet with the missionaries again, and that she needs to make a covenant with God. 
Fabula is his wife and she is really nice! You can see that she loves the Gospel, and that she knows the church is true. She already knows everything is true, and she reads the scriptures daily and she lives the commandments. I was amazed when I saw Lucas and Fabula together. They really love each other and came back to church because Lucas felt the spirit that he needs to find the right path. And his wife is now pushing him more then ever to pray and pay his tithing, and go to church. They watched conference in their house, and they loved it. They are starting to walk with the savior. 

Principal point: they are a great for one another, and the example that Fabula gives Lucas is helping him come back to church  and even his torn tendon not won't stop him now.  

Elder Arevalo 

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