Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Don't pray like this! (Week 82)

Hey Everyone, 
To learn about prayer...go to the bottom!


I sometimes like to make a section about my companion because my companions are so awesome! My companion right now is great, because he always works so hard with me (we are like a team) and he is always so happy. I feel like I have to tell you guys how great my companions are occasionally.

Baptisms/Spiritual Experience:

We had 2 baptisms. The baptism was for Fabula and Ediana. 
Before baptism Fabula already had a testimony of the church, and her husband Lucas was less active in the past. They have a picture together that I sent over.  I am not sure if you guys remember but he is the one who tore his ligament in his knee, but is determined to come back to church.
His wife said she will help him and give him spiritual support. She said she is really happy, especially because their friend Danial baptized her. 

Ediana has been trying to be baptized for 1 year and 7 months now.  She already knew the church is true. She was really nervous, but she is so happy to finally be baptized. She has had many difficulties in life that made it a bit harder for her, but she is now baptized and I am so happy for her. She is a great example of never giving up and to always try your best. 

I'm Traveling: 

I am going to go to Belem today! Since I am a zone leader, I am required to go every month for a reunion. 


I wanted to share this with you guys. I think prayer is very important. It's a way for us to communicate with God. Communication does not mean only one person is talking,  but instead it means that should wait and listen to hear the spirit of the Lord so that we may be guided to do his will. I want you to remember that our prayers should be a conversation not like a pizza delivery order. Just something for us all (including myself) to think about. 

Until next week!
Elder Arevalo 

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