Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I went to the hospital (Week 80)

Happy Monday Everyone, 
Yes you read the title correctly. I went to the hospital on Saturday. 


Turns out I stepped on a nail while doing a service project. It went through my shoe, and entered my skin. Its kind of hard to see in the photo below, but there is a red circular mark if you look close. I made sure to call and tell the mission presidents wife, and she told me to go to the doctor. 
While at the hospital the doctor cleaned it, and they gave me a shot to help my immune system. It look so much better compared to what it looked like in the beginning. So I'm sure my foot will be okay. As of right now, I am able to walk a little, but I have to use sandals so it doesn't get infected. 

Investigators: (Keep Scrolling Down)

My investigators are good. They are a little slow to progress, but they will make it. I know they will.
Have I told you all about Cesar? 
Well, Cesar recently had a baby. He is one of our new families. He is really good. When his baby was born he had a huge fear for his baby, and wanted to help his baby (I love the concern and love he has for his family). So we are teaching him, and he shared how he received his response that the church is true with a smile on his face. He said, "when my wife and baby were sleeping...I kneeled down to pray and I asked if it is really true and even before I started to pray I felt a feeling like some one was with me helping me throw away this tough time in my life. When I prayed I felt something amazing!" This made me so happy to hear this from Cesar. He was so humble and received such a great answer.  Cesar is really good. I know the Lord is blessing him. 

Elder Arevalo 

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  1. I hope only blister with infection rather than a worm invasion. Take good care Elder Arevalo praying for the speed recovery. Love ya!! the Ranchero's.