Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Unexpected Change (Week 77)

Hey Everyone, 


  • So this week we had transfers. My companion Elder Fereria is leaving to Belem, while I stay here. I'm going to miss Elder Fereria, as well as the really good hair cuts he gives me. He used to work as a barber before his mission so that was cool. He always cut my hair when it was getting too long haha. He was nice enough to cut it one last time before he left. 

  • I am also not sick anymore. I had a sore throat, but that's gone now. I got over it in like 3 days. 

  • We are fixing our washing machine right now, so we are currently washing by hand. 


So we have one baptisms that is 100% going to get baptized, and we also have another that is 50% on getting baptized. Taylor received the priesthood and is going to start prepping the sacrament.

Spiritual Experience:

We are currently talking to Ines right now. We have been teaching her for a while now, but my companion and I felt it was best to stop teaching her. We visited her one time this last week on Tuesday, and we told her about that the things she chooses to do in this life will affect her life and that it is very important for all of us to get on our knees and pray and ask God for help.  

We left that lesson tense and worried for her...knowing she is a young women of 18 years old she has her whole life in front of her, and she needs to make decisions. We didn't see her the rest of the week. Next thing you know we saw her yesterday at church sitting with some members. She was very active in the classes on Sunday, and she seemed really happy, and she said that she feels good here, and that she needs to know more. 
I also fasted for her so she can have a miracle in her life, and she seems a lot different. 
Her father also wanted to go to church. We taught him Saturday, but didn't go to church because of work. 
I saw a change in Ines. You could tell she was in a more happy place in her life, and is starting to chose the right. 

Elder Arevalo

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