Monday, March 7, 2016

New Area (Week 25)

Hey North America!

As you all know...I am officially in a new area called Sacramento in the city of Belem, which so happens to be the biggest area in my mission. Our church building is about 40 minutes away (walking distance).  Its really cool to be here, but it is definitely much different then Altamira. I no longer have to worry about cleaning my shoes everyday. In my old area I would constantly have to clean them everyday because they would end up covered in a orange/red dust from the ground, but now all is well!

I also am closer to the mission home now so I received a package from my family! I LOVED IT! My family put some of my favorite things inside the box. They gave me Popcorn (which I love) and some american candy that I haven't had in a while, and tide sticks since my clothes have really been taking a toll out here. I felt so loved and excited to see and get so many things from home. I even gave away some of my clothes to my companions (sorry mom), but its true.

While on my flight to my new area, I've had a lot of time to deeply think about how I want to influence the people I meet here in Brazil, and I realized that I really want to make my mission a mission of the Lord. If I try my best I know the lord will mold me into who he wants me to be, and who I need to be to accomplish his work.

Earlier today I got to try walking on rope, and it reminded me a lot about life and/or being on a mission. It's important to learn how to balance life obstacles, and do our best to stay on the short and narrow path no matter how wobbly it may seem there is always a purpose and a way to get back on the straight, narrow path if we ever fall. (Hence this cool video) haha.

Hopefully I have more time to write a bit more next week! Missing you all. Keep being amazing examples to those around you.

Elder Arevalo

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