Monday, February 29, 2016

Sacramento, Belém (Week 24)

Hey Everyone!
I have some exciting yet, really sad news. I am getting transferred! I am being transferred to actually city of Belém. 

I am not exactly sure when I will be leaving but Elder Nugeda will be leaving with me so that should be awesome! My new area is like right next to the airport of Belém, and my new companion will be  Elder Graças. I have heard good things about him...especially that he is very funny and that he is awesome.

I am going to miss Altamira so much! I have grown to love and know this city very well! I am very sad because we are teaching so many good people who have so much potential, but I know I am leaving them in good hands. Elder Luiz, my old companion will be taking care of them. Elder Luiz and I have accumulated a lot of news and we made lots of contacts. We prepared a group that has great potential and I have a good feeling about them. I am sad that I will be leaving, but I'd like to think that Elder Luiz and I have set him and his future companion up for great success so I am happy for that.  

Have a great week everyone. I'll let ya know how the city treats me this week. 

Elder Arevalo

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