Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A New Friend (Week 22)

Hi Everyone,

This week was definitely much better then last week. My companion and I actually have made a really good friend recently! His name is Johnny! He said that he loves what we as missionaries stand for and loves what we do. He has told us several times that he wants to get to know more about the gospel and get baptized. He said he also wants to serve a mission just like us! Elder Luz and I were so glad to have touched at least one person the way we have with Johnny! We hope to do everything we can to help him reach those goals. We played volleyball with him today on p-day actually!

So far things with my companions are great. We all have a great time and enjoy working to together and teaching those in the country that we love. Sorry for it being so short...nothing too major this week.

Elder Arevalo

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