Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Two Broken Keys (Week 21)

Hey Everyone,

Things I have learned this week:
1) I learned to be more humble and to listen to the spirit. If I do that then I know everything will be
2) The lord is molding me everyday. I am out here to become the man he wants me to be.
I love the people from Brazil
3) I can learn something from everyone if I am humble to learn it.
4) Apply what you learn.
5) Put your time into something that matters.
6) Negative thoughts do not help any situation.
7) The spirit comforts me that my investigators will be baptized one day...
8) How to fix a door.
9) How to deal with an angry branch president (very calmly)
10) Talk to others and always think of my investigators.

This week was truly a test of my faith.Why? Well...
I have been going to a place that is about an 1 hr and 20 minutes away (walking). It's called Agua Azul. Last Friday--- we did the best to speed walk and (run some parts) of the trail to make it to our lesson on time. We taught the lesson and it was awesome! Then we had one more appointment that was close to home. So we ran back, but we were a bit behind schedule. We did our best to make it on time to the church (since that was were we were meeting out investigators). Once we got to the church I realized I didn't have the keys (and usually I always have them). I then soon remembered that I gave the key to the church to the other elders so they can give a lesson. They ended up breaking it and getting another spare key from the Branch President and they ended up breaking the spare key as well...So when my companion Elder Luz and I showed up...we had NO way of getting into the building. The worst part is that we left ice cream that we made in the building for
our investigator! started to rain and one of our other investigators who was supposed to get baptized didn't show up.
We decided that it had been a long day and that we should just head home and figure things out at home. When we got home we had no power. So we took a shower in the dark and moving around sucked we had no candles no nothing...just 2 phones and our cameras. The next day our investigator
called us and said "I don't want to get baptized" and we asked why and she didn't want to give us a reason.

So that was the highlight of my week. We later ended up fixing the church door. We replaced
the lock and ate the ice cream. We were all really sad that she decided to just stop us from
continuing her progression to Jesus Christ but its okay I am fine! The Lord knows what he is doing, and all we can do it give out 100% all the time.

This is not the door 

Elder Arevalo

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