Monday, October 17, 2016

Wait, am I in Guatemala? (Week 57)

Hey Everyone, 
I hope everyone's Monday is starting off pretty well! Check out this picture! This Elder is also Guatemalan, but his family lives in LA. I'm so glad he had a Guatemalan flag! So cool! haha. 

Elder Duque's parents are both from Guatemala, just like my parents. He is from L.A.


So Elder Santos is officially going home this Friday, but he is leaving today from the area because he is going to say goodbye to some people. Transfers are in two weeks, and I or Elder Ferreira will be getting transferred. 

We Got A Cake: 

One of our investigators made us a cake this week. Her name is Claciani. She is 13 years old and her sister is the only member of the family. She is being a great example for her mother, and she wants to go to church. She likes us a lot, and you can tell she really likes listening to our messages. She is a great young women. I can see how the Gospel motivates people to want to be better. Just the other day, Claciani told us that she liked going to church, because she felt good there. So that's great! I was so happy to hear that.  
The Gospel can touch anyone and everyone only if we let the spirit touch us. It all depends on us. The more we let God guide us...the more we will progress and be happy.

Investigator Stories: 

Haha guys all I can say is that this is ALL happening because of the Lord. I have no idea what I am doing...I just pray for guidance and he handles the rest. 

My investigators are good. Maira add Jose...are a couple, but they are not married. They went to church all alone, and they liked church a lot, but I can tell Jose was a bit more enthusiastic about it. Then there is Claciani, which you read about earlier, and then there is a new family we met this week! They're names are Isabel, Maria, and Romelo. They loved our first message and Romelo said, 

"I liked everything...everything you said is in the scriptures and you didn't talk bad about others...I also noticed you guys are really happy... you guys brighten my day, and I think I am on the right path listing to you guys".  
Man, you have no idea how happy I was to hear that from him.  

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