Monday, September 7, 2015

A Week in the Be-UTAH-ful Salt Lake City

I came to Utah this past week to not only prepare myself for my mission, but also to prepare myself for when I go to college at the University of Utah when I get back from Brazil.

While I was in Utah I got to stay with my sister who is currently attending the University of Utah. My wonderful sister Amy helped me go from store to store to find exactly what I needed for my mission. We were looking for last minute items that are a bit difficult to find in Illinois or online. One of the items I was searching for were white button up shirts, good quality shoes, and a white suit for my temple duties as a temple worker. We ended up asking around and found this great store that is located in Orem, UT. It is called the “Missionary Mall”. They really had anything and everything you could think of for a missionary! All the workers were very helpful in helping me choose exactly what would best fit for the weather and area of my mission since all the workers were returned missionaries. 
I also got the fun opportunity to experience college classes while I was in Utah. It was Amy’s first week of school and she asked if I wanted to see what it was like. I’m not even sure if it was allowed, but we figured it was the first week, and that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal because each one of her classes had hundreds of people in each class. Amy and I went to her very difficult medical classes. I was so lost and was constantly wondering what was going on most of the time. Either way, I still enjoyed the experience, and even got a cool t-shirt from the University for free! Needless to say college is a whole other level of school and I am excited for the challenge when I get back. 
Another great experience I had was being able to go the Salt Lake City Temple of the LDS Church. It was an AMAZING experience, I loved it! I had the wonderful blessing of having two returned missionaries join me at the temple. They both recently returned from their own missions, and one just got back from Brazil. He knows our family very well and offered to spend the day with me at the temple, and answer any questions I may have about the country and culture. I even got the chance to meet someone who also is going to Brazil on September 16th! We took a picture together at a friends house. It was really cool to meet someone who I will also be seeing at the MTC in Brazil at the same time as me, even though we aren't going to the exact same mission in Brazil it is still really cool to have that special bond with someone going through the same process as I am. 

I am very happy I was able to take this trip to Utah. In my mind, it was like a pre-mission experience since I was in a new location without my parents, and experiencing new things every day! I survived without my mom and dad! This experience reassured me to know that I will be able to survive alone in Brazil. I am very happy I got to spend such precious time with my sister and have so much fun out here. Thanks for reading everyone.
Salt Lake City, Utah Temple

Kevin with Returned Missionaries

Kevin in front of the Salt Lake City Temple
Kevin met someone also going to Brazil at the same time as him

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