Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Special Surprise (Week 13)

Hi Everyone!

Elder Santos, Elder Luz, Elder Numbers, and Elder Arevalo
In about two hours I will be leaving Altamira and headed over to the main city of Belem. All of the missionaries (including myself) are going back to the mission home to enjoy a Christmas devotional. My parents also told me that they sent me a package so I should be receiving the package when I go back to to Belem. I'm so excited! I'm sure I will see it. Thank you so much mom and dad for loving me enough to send me something.

Since last week was transfer week, we got Elder Luz this transfer. He is SUPER nice and a little shy but I love him. My current area is kinda dangerous but nice considering we are in Brasil. It's very dusty, and people drive crazy here and I am saying that, but it's awesome here. 


Elder Numbers, Arevalo, Luz, Member, Santos, and Warley
[Left to Right]
This week... we all had a great time at this restaurant. We barley get to eat out and enjoy a good meal, but this week one of the members named Warley took us to a restaurant. I was questioning why Warley was taking us to get pizza and why he was buying it for all of us? BUT when he said "No worries Elder Arevalo...your parents actually sent money over so that I could spend it on a nice dinner for you missionaries"... I was like "awww that so sweet!"  haha Elder Numbers ate so much and got a stomach ache! haha it was funny. The pizza isn't the same here. They do not use tomato paste. They use something else, and its actually really good, but nothing beats the pizza from back home...especially Chicago Deep Dish. 

After the dinner...Warley suggested we quickly send a thank you video to my parents. We thought it was a GREAT idea! So here it is! 

Also, wish Amy a happy birthday for me! Its her special day!

Amy has truly made me the man I am today along with my parents! Amy has truly helped me so much in my life! In the garden of Gethsemane where our beloved brother Jesus Christ suffered for our sins an angle came to him before and comforted him. Amy... you have been my angle helping me everyday. You have love beyond belief for people. You care for them so much! You have been blessed so much and you give people more then what they could every ask for (well at least what I ask for) an eternal sister and an eternal friend! I love you I wish you the best birthday!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday spirit. Love you all! Keeping being examples of Christ. 
-Elder Arevalo

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