Monday, December 7, 2015

Transfer Week (Week 12)

Hey Everyone,

~Elders & Members With Their Shirts That They Received As A Gift~
Transfers ended today. I am staying in this area along with everyone else except for Elder Stilverson. I am actually very happy that I am staying in this area a bit longer because I like it here which means I will probably get moved this next transfer...that's how the lord works haha. I am not surprised that I am staying here this transfer. I am very far away, and I am being trained. They said that you usually stay in the same area while you are getting trained. I feel like I have been here for a week when it has actually been much longer than that! I don't know where the time is going. 

Altamira, Para

So this week was awesome! I had such a fun time. This week Elder Numbers and I probably made about 280 new contacts. We where walking so much and I had to speak so much, and honestly I am so happy to say that people are understanding me. I don't even need to tell them that I am learning now. A little girl said to me, "you speak great Portuguese" and I was just thing thinking in my head...yeahhhhhhhhh gift of tongues baby!!!!!!...and then I did a little dance. I guess I am improving! Also, we had a leader come visit us, and he told the president that my companion and I look like angles! I thought that was a little strange, but he is the 1st counselor of the entire mission so it has to mean something good! Oh, we made food at home and it was actually okay. I could eat it! It was our first time. We accidentally made ice cream too. Well, almost. It was basically yogurt because it was cold water, powdered milk, and flavoring. I don't know why but Elder Numbers and I just laughed when we we said its just yogurt, not juice.

~This is NOT a Banana~
Fun Learning Discovery I made:
As I was reading my patriarchal blessing, and I saw the word humble several times and I remembered the story of Lehi and his vision of the tree of life. I need to hold on to the rod, and humble myself even more. I need to invite everyone I can to hold on and to partake of the fruit and I should never be scared but always faithful!  

Two amazing videos you need to see:
There are two videos that I absolutely loved watching this week. One of them is posted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints called, "A Savior is Born", and the other is also a video that focuses on Christ called, "Falling Plates". I can't help but almost cry every time I see these two. I cannot explain to all of you how amazing it is to have had the chance to see these beautiful videos, because they remind me that Christ is the single most important gift that we have received here on earth. Also, I was reading the scriptures, and in Alma 7:10-11 it talks about the saviors birth and how he will atone for our sins. I am so grateful beyond belief that he gave us this life here on earth, and that we will also have life after death. He loves us so much! 

A Savior is Born Video  (Click To Watch)
Falling Plates Video (Click To Watch)

~Strange Trees...I had to take a picture~
Thank you for the gift:
I also wanted to thank my sister Amy for buying 6 shirts in Utah. She packaged them to my parents halfway across the country, and then my parents had my awesome neighbor take them with him to Brazil since he was going out there on vacation, and now we have them! Take a look at the pictures above!

That's all for this week. Thank you all! 
Elder Arevalo 

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