Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Natal (Week 14)

Merry Christmas!  Feliz Navidad!   Feliz Natal! 

Hey Everyone, 
I hope everyone is enjoying the spirit of Christmas! I have to admit that it feels a bit strange to celebrate Christmas in the warm weather haha. 

So, lets get down to business. I had a great time flying back to the mission home. We spent a few days there and the Christmas party was amazing it was super fun and I was having a blast. I got to meet a ton of new people and I got to see old friends that I made in the CTM! We got back on Thursday so we only had half the week to work our butts off! Luckily, it paid off because we got 23 new investigators this week! 23 is pretty amazing since we only had one when I first arrived to the we've really stepped up our work ethic, and I am so happy that I have been able to push myself and Elder Numbers in such a way that we have now reached out to so many people. I know numbers aren't everything, but blessings have come to us for sure. We are trying to expand our teaching group so that we have a chance to baptize at least one...and some of them are so ready I can feel it! Also, I might have to do some marriage papers for a couple so that will be fun.

Also, while I was at the mission home I got a care package from my parents! I loved the box it was amazing! Sorry, I do not have a photo of the box I received, but just know that I was so excited that I forgot to take one. I shared my box goodies with 5 other missionaries, which were the 3 that live with me and two other Elders. Oh also! The assistants (AP's) came with us back home to our area and I shared with them some stuff from my package, and actually the AP's wanted me to show them our area so I had to show them our area haha. I was nervous, but they said that they loved how I was always calm, and hard working. They also taught me a lot of stuff about how to better ask questions and things like that, which was great!  

Well, that's about all I have to tell today, but I hope you all keep the spirit of Christmas centered on Christ, and do as he did....serve others always. Love you all. 

Elder Arevalo 

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