Thursday, October 22, 2015

One Last Week in The CTM (Week 5)

Hi Everyone,

This is officially my last email I will be sending from the CTM/MTC here in Sao Paulo.
There is nothing much to say this week except for the fact that I cannot wait to travel up to Belem! I am finally going to get to go out into the field in 6 days and I couldn't be happier. I do love the CTM, but I now feel very ready to step out and work for the Lord. Do you know know what else that means? I now can send pictures to all of you! I have been waiting to send pictures for the last couple of weeks now! 

I can feel the studying paying off with the language, and pray that the lord will help and guide me become the missionary he wants me to be. Well, that's all for this week! Sorry its so short. 
-Love Elder Arevalo

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