Friday, October 2, 2015

4 Companions in 2 weeks! (Week 2)

Hey Everyone, 

It is so good to hear from all of you, and that everything is going so good! I think it is so cool that Nathan got called to serve in Anaheim, California! I am so excited for him. Tell him that I wish him the best of luck, and that I am jealous of everyone who will get the awesome chance to be his companion. 

So my whole district is going to Belem with me, and I am very good friends with all of them! I am staying at the MTC for another four weeks mainly because I am not fluent in the language, but I am talking to natives and they understand me very well so I am just doing my best to practice as much as possible. If the natives ever have a hard time understanding me I just throw in some Spanish and they can usually figure it out haha! It is a little hard to write, and speak it but that's normal. 

Some sad news that I have is that my companion Elder Peterson went home. He was just not feeling the best, and was really homesick, but I loved that guy! We really got along very well. He asked for moms email so that he could send some pictures over so you can all see a few pictures we have together! I hope you guys get those, but I wish him the best, and ask that all of you keep him in your prayers. Since my companion left on Thursday last week I was put into a trio with Elder Wizbock and Elder Drake and they are awesome! Unfortunately, Elder Drake will not be going to Belem with Elder Wizbock and I. Instead he will be going to Tedazina! Now, I officially have have another companion and his name is Elder Jensen. He is from Wyoming, USA.  
-Love, Elder Arevalo

Email from Elder Peterson:

"Hi Kevin's mom! This is Elder Peterson. Kevin and I were companions and I loved that kid to death. What a funny and awesome first companion. Here are some pictures that I have of us in the MTC".
-Elder Peterson

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