Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Letter From The Mission President (Week 6)

This week Kevin had to travel to Belem and will not be emailing us this Wednesday. Kevin will most likely have preparation day on Monday, but we did get a message from President Stasevskas letting us know that Kevin has arrived safely along with a few pictures. Here it is:
Dear  Family Arevalo,
With great pleasure we inform you that Elder Arevalo arrived here in the Brazil Belem Mission on October 27, and is currently serving in Altamira city area, with his trainer Elder Numbers.
Sister Stasevskas and I, along with the rest of the mission, are very excited to have your son serving here with us.
He has a great missionary spirit, with faith to do whatever the Lord commands. We would hope that you would, whenever possible, write letters to strengthen him and to encourage him in his missionary service. We give our sincere gratitude, and hope to keep in touch.
Yours truly,
Sister and President Stasevskas 
Elder Kevin Arevalo with Sister and President Stasevskas

Elder Kevin with group that all arrived in Belem with him

Kevin at the airport. Can you see him?

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