Monday, November 23, 2015

No Water During My Shower (Week 10)

Hi Everyone, 

This week I felt like my companion Elder Numbers, and I have improved our lesson teaching skills. We know what to say and when to say it, and progress is definitely being made! My companion says that the way we are teaching now is much better, and it is most likely because I am speaking more Portuguese now. In case some of you don't remember...we have two people for baptism this upcoming Saturday, and we have a family of seven that came to church yesterday! It was so awesome to have investigators at church. I made sure that I was always next to the investigators the whole time so that they felt welcome, and accompanied. 

For anyone who doesn't investigator is someone who is interested in learning more about out church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We just go around walking the streets of Brasil to see if anyone is interested in our spiritual message, and if they like what they hear, we invite them to come to church and learn more about our religion. It is so awesome to see people's hearts soften and eyes lighten up when they find our message to be uplifting! 

We are still walking a lot everyday. Opening a new area is hard work, and I am eating lots and lots of food...I am eating so much that I decided to limit myself haha. I don't want to get fat! My favorite food so far is this fruit called, açaí! I took a picture of it! 

I love this stuff!

Fun Facts Of This Week: 

-I stepped in dirty water! Which would really be no big deal, but this was like really dirty water. When I stepped in it I said "Ah Que Molesta" which is a Spanish saying that means, "Ah what an inconvenience", but here in Brasil that actually means "molest" and a person looked at me very strange. So I will never be saying that word here again haha. 

-Also, water ran out on me in the middle of the shower haha. Fun Week!

Love you All!
Elder Arevalo

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