Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Walking 24 Kilometers/14 Miles In One Day (Week 8)

Hi Everyone!

This week felt like it flew by! I have been expanding my knowledge on how to better teach the people here in Brasil. I am trying to use stories in the scriptures to teach people with examples so that they better understand our message. I taught a lesson and I did not know how to perfectly say everything, but you can see that the people understand and really come closer to the Lord through the spirit during our lessons. I honestly cannot explain the joy I have from teaching. I just know without a doubt that what I am doing here in Brasil is what my Father in Heaven wants me to be doing. We even walked 24 kilometers in one day. That's about 14 MILES! We love being here to serve others in any way we can, even if we have to walk mile after mile to find those people who are ready to hear God's message. We currently have 4 people with dates to get baptized so we are very exited about that! We just need to have them come to church more! 

I ran across a scripture this past week that really reminded me of my mother in Ephesians. I hope to be a better son when I get home. I know that I was loving and kind to my mother, but I know there is so much more I can do to show my parents my love for them. My mom also told me that she will be sending my a package for Christmas! I am so exited! Even if I don't get the package...I am still so grateful that my family cares about me enough to prepare something and send it over with such love. I already love the package and I have no idea what it is! Haha!

Fun Fact: There are a lot of bugs that I have never seen. The bugs are bigger here and just very interesting haha. 

Mission Companions and Members from the Branch here in Brasil.

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