Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Miracle (Week 17)

Hey Everyone!

The Dilemma:

This week has been real tough for me...but the only reason that it's been a bit tough is because my companion Elder Numbers and I have been working our butts off. We have never worked harder, and our District Leader (DL) still doesn't think we are working hard enough. We had 29 lessons this week and we accompanied our investigators a lot and made a lot of news! We even went to go get some of our investigators and accompany them to church, and its just a bit sad to hear from the DL that we are not doing good enough, but honestly...I do not mean to be rude in any way when I say this, but we've taught more lessons then our own DL and his companion, they didn't have anyone to bring to Church and our DL wants us to repent and do better. 
Altamira, Para (Brasil)

What I have learned from this experience:

My thoughts turn me to my savior. Not a lot of people agreed with what Jesus did, heck...the farisis hated him, and all Jesus ever did on this earth was be good to others, serve others, and give his life for us. I just have to make sure I am pleasing God (as Jesus did) and do what is right. I CANT force people to grow, but on the Lords timing and will...everything will work out. Did I learn the right lesson or do I just need to work harder? I asked my Father and he said that work is always important, and there is always room for improvement, but if you know you are giving 100% then there is nothing to worry about for God is mightier than any man on earth. 

The Miracle: 

This past week Elder Numbers and came across a woman who had been fighting a nasty infection in her eye. She has been taking medication for it for several months, but nothing was really working. She asked if Elder Numbers and I could give her a blessing for health. My companion and I gladly wanted to help her, and through the power of our almighty father in heaven, and by the powers and keys we hold as priesthood holders...we gave her a blessing by laying our hands on her head and spoke the words that the spirit confirmed to us would heal her eye. 

The next day, she was perfectly fine! I have a firm testimony when you work with faith Miracles happen. I hope you all continue to live your lives filled with faith, for FAITH without WORKS is dead. I love you all so very much, and am so glad to be able to share these experiences with you all. 

Elder Arevalo 

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  1. So the scientific evidence is documentation every families you have visited and talk to must be documented, so that is evidence base, plus try to memorized all their situation if possible. So present the papers these are my efforts each day, and all documented specially your journals, and pray specific families and their needs..collaborate with you ward missionary leaders. Share those families plus your progress with them.