Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year! (Week 16)

Hi Everyone, 

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! It's pretty exciting to think that I will be spending this ENTIRE YEAR in BRASIL!

Overall, things are great. I stayed home with Elder Numbers for New Years since it was really dangerous outside. People where drinking for two days straight and there were a lot of deaths during the time; so that happened, but life is good. Our investigators are progressing. We have this one man, and he is so great. We are going to help him with everything so that he can marry legally tomorrow so that he can get baptized, and his sister in law will get baptized too. She is not getting baptized this week but the next week she will. We also have these 4 AMAZING investigators. We went last Sunday to pick them up for church, but they were ALREADY at church! They are truly amazing and seem very ready. I ask whoever is reading this to pray for our investigators to truly recognized the work of the lord and to help them feel the spirit to know that what they are learning is true. They are truly great people who I want the best for. 

Lately, my companion and I have been really looking for people nonstop to share a message, and opening a new area is way awesome. I love it! It's like untouched ground that we get to be a part of and help grow! Elder Numbers and I have been studying to recognize the spirit and receiving revelation parts of Preach my Gospel a lot!!! It helps so much! 

I gained 3 kilos!! This holiday food is killing me!! is delicious BUT I can't gain weight haha. 

-Elder Arevalo 

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