Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Transfer Week (Week 18)

Hey Everyone!

Elder Numbers (left) and Elder Arevalo (right)
So this week is transfer week! Meaning, that any missionary can be placed in a new area in our Mission, if the Mission president feels it be necessary. So the questions my companion and I have had for the longest time is...who is leaving and who is staying?

Drum Roll Please...

Elder Arevalo (Me): Will be staying in the same current area, Altamira Para!
Elder Numbers : Will be leaving me, and is getting sent to zone Cidade Novo and Area Bae.
Elder Santos: Will also be leaving and going to the cost of Salinas.
Elder Luiz: Will now be my companion! Woo!
Elder Arevalo, Elder Numbers, Warley Mariano, and Elder Santos
[left to right]

We will be receiving two new Elders! I do not know their names, but I DO know that one is from Brazil, and the other is a Greene. I will update you all next week. I'm sure these two Elders joining us here are going to be awesome!

P.S- I am somehow still growing...I am 99.99% positive I was as tall as Elder Numbers, and now I have passed him...hmm...I like that I am getting taller and I'm happy about that but if I don't stop soon my pants aren't going to fit! haha.

Fun picture as a last goodbye! From Right to Left
Elder Luiz, Elder Santos, Elder Arevalo, Bro. Warley Mariano, Primary Kid, Elder Numbers.

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  1. Can you help me find out who served in Belém between 1946 and 1953? I am searching for an American who served in Belém and sent or brought back some tiny snakes to the BYU museum before 1954.