Monday, April 4, 2016

New Temple in Brazil! (Week 29)

Hey Everyone, 

          I hope you all have had a wonderful General Conference this past weekend. I got the opportunity to watch conference with members at the church building here in Brasil, and I loved it so much. I wish you all could have been here to witness the cheering at the church building that overwhelmed the entire congregation when President Monson announced a new temple HERE IN BELEM, BRAZIL. The temple has been the non-stop conversation for everyone here since there is no temple close by except for the one in Manaus. There are currently now 6 operating temples in Brazil, one under construction, and 2 that have been announced (one of them being Belem). I don't think I will still be here for when the temple is dedicated, but I am so excited to hasten the work so that they too can entire the house of the Lord.  Besides that AMAZING news, my overall favorite talk was by Jeffery R. Holland during the Sunday session. I am sure I was not the only one who could feel his sincere love and compassion he and the rest of the leaders of the church have for each one of us. I was really hoping that a family that is investigating the church could come watch the conference with us, but unfortunately that did not happen. I will continue to do my best with my companion, and if anything, this conference gave my companion and I a boost of motivation to continue to press forward. 

I feel the need to share my testimony in Portuguese, I know a lot of you will not understand, but I have no doubt that the holy ghost will testify to you of how much I love this gospel, and the leaders in this church. No matter what position we hold in this church, we are all an instrument in God's hands, therefore we all matter. 

Eu se que realment que a igreaja de Jesus Cristo r o igreja verdadeira., que Jesus Cristo vive e que ele salvo nos e ele amar nos muito. eu se que Joseph Smith foi a profeta que restaurar igreja que Jesus Cristo estabelece antigamente. eu se que os mandamentos ajudar nos se mais livre e ajudar nos tem uma viva feliz.  

Elder Arevalo 

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