Monday, April 25, 2016

It Happened For A Reason (Week 32)

Hey Everyone,

Things have been pretty normal around here in Brasil, you know going, teaching people, inviting people to be baptized and helping them in the best way possible through the Gospel.

So this week I had a really cool experience. Last Sunday we where at stake conference, and we got a great seats up in front! Our investigators came and sat with us and some members, and we were great. Then, one hr into stake conference...our zone leader said, "move" and he let the other investigators sit there, and so we moved, and had no where to sit. We woke up early to get good seats for nothing! So we were annoyed and mad and so we sat with out suits in the heat. Then while listening to conference the mission president gave a talk and told all the nonmembers that they can ask the missionaries for a Book of Mormon.

After the mission president said that...out of no where a women came up to my companion and I outside and said, "can I get a Book of Mormon?" My companion and I where so happy and said "YES" and then we talked about the Book of Mormon. The Lord chose us to be outside and teach a lesson. I felt honored and promised I would never get mad if the Lord does something like that again.

Elder Arevalo

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  1. So glad to hear all is well on your mission! The sister missionaries here in Naperville have asked me to write my testimony in a book of Mormon. So glad to do this. I hope this will help someone find the truth!