Tuesday, May 3, 2016

He Will Always Help Us (Week 33)

Hey Everyone, 

At A Historical Site In Belem
This week was good. We have a baptisms for João this Saturday! We are very excited.Although last Thursday was hard. Lots of our plans ended up not falling through. Thursday was a rough day, but I feel like the Lord always knows how to pick us back up. Later Thursday evening a member went out with us and he gave us two references! He visited people with us, and he helped us a lot that day. His name is Leandro, the spirit of Leandro helped us power through the day. The Lord always is there to help us out even on bad days, and I am so thankful that Leandro was there with us. He helped us when things seemed hopeless when nothing was going right. I want to share my testimony that the Lords will...will always get done. The Lord will help us and mold us to be the best we can be. I know this to be true. 
Crazy Looking Trees

P.S- Tell Sister Smith thank you for the cards they sent for Christmas. I got the cards this week. The other missionaries forgot to give it to me haha.

Love, Elder Arevalo
Guys! An Iguana!

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