Monday, May 23, 2016

Elder Graça Is Leaving (Week 36)

Hey Everyone,

So this week Elder Graça went to Barcaena, and I received a new companion. His name is elder Decue. He is from Africa and awesome form what I heard. So I have a good feelings things will be going well. I am SO GLAD I got to stay here in Sacramenta! I love the people here, and I am seeing so much progress. 

Teaching is going well. I am hoping to help many people come to Christ and love the Lord and help them repent. The members here are amazing they are bringing people to church and really wanting to help their friends. Some of the best investigators we have are references! The Lords work is not easy. The weather is getting hotter the people here are committing more sins, BUT the lord wants us to help his children...our brothers, sisters and I want to help him accomplish this wonderful work.

So when we where teaching Ingreaige....she didn't seem that interested in the beginning. She was looking around a lot and didn't seem interested but when we came back to visit her she gave us her 100% attention. It was a MIRACLE. She said she felt very good when she prayed. I could she that the Lord touched her. She wanted to hear more. We are going to continue teaching her and hope she is baptized the following month. Things are looking good. 

Here are some pictures for you guys.

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