Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Transfer Week (Week 30)

Hey Everyone, 

My Current Area
This week I found out that I will be staying another transfer with my current companion Elder Graças. So that's pretty cool! I'm really glad that I get to stay here in this area. It's one of the biggest areas here in Brasil. The people overall are very closed off and if they open the door...most of them just want to bible bash with us. Its hard to find people who really want to hear our message, BUT we found some people recently but it will be hard process to help them mostly because they are really busy (people here are very fast paced, and busy in general) but we always call them to at least check and see how they are doing. 

The Santos Family Took Us Out To Eat
Also, we are teaching a family and they are really good! They talk a lot, and they are opening up to that's good! They really seem to trusts. I really want to help them be a

family that does more thing together.

That's all for this week. Sorry for the short email this week!

Elder Arevalo

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