Thursday, September 15, 2016

The One Year Mark (Week 52)

Hey Everyone, 

I have officially hit the one year mark. It's so weird to say that. I feel like I am just starting. My dad asked if I've seen any changes in myself this past year (in Brazil), and I have noticed some things about me. 

  1. I have gotten fatter. I haven't gained a lot of weight because my belt hole is still the same and my pants still fit and stuff, but people have been telling me I look fatter. It's kinda hard to hear that, but it is not that important right now.
  2. I am more responsible. I have never had so many experiences that have helped me grow and do things that require a lot of responsibility. 
  3. I feel the spirit more. I feel the spirit guiding me more. I feel good about life, and I have more knowledge about the church.

My spiritual experience:

This spiritual experience is about Doralis. She has strengthened my testimony. I've learned that everything the church does can be found in the scriptures. If we study the scriptures...we can find exactly what we are looking for.

People to pray for:

Doralis lives with her daughter. Her name is Nane. She is about 26 yrs old. We teach her daughter Nane as well, but she isn't progressing and told her mother that she did not want to go to her baptism, but Doralis did not put attention to her. Instead, she continued to read and she felt the spirit and she went to her own baptism without her daughter. So she is following the Lords commandments. I learned from Doralis that it is not the people we should listen to, but instead we need to follow the Lord's commandments.

Also, my sister Amy shared something very special to me. She shared some advice and other things and it was great. It was exactly what I needed to hear because lately I have been hit with lots of responsibility.
I am expected to do a lot, and sometimes I find it hard to do everything. I am training a newbie, helping 3 other companions, and my zone leader is really is asking more of me. I am not one who usually gets mad at people, and I rarely ever get bothered by people, but my zone leader doesn't see that I am trying my very best every day! Apparently, everything I do for my zone leader is not good enough. I feel like nothing. I feel like I am failing with all the comments I get from him. I feel stressed.

But, one thing I do know for sure is that I know that I am trying my very best, and I know for a fact that I am  pleasing the most important person, the Lord.

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  1. You do a really good job writing your "blog" Kevin. I'm looking forward to reading about your the second year of your journey.