Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Remember, Remember...(Week 51)

Hey Everyone!


  • I have some good news! We have a baptism for this upcoming Saturday! I will send pictures next week of the baptism. Her name is Doralis.

  • I also did my first baptismal interview this week too! It was great. Really Easy! He has been an investigator for 3 years. He wants to get married in the temple.
  • There were 95 people at church on Sunday! Not too bad! 

Spiritual Experience: 

So when I was at church...I wanted to share my testimony, and so when I went up there I was just speaking like normal, but there came a point where I felt the spirit tell me to talk about a certain topic. So I spoke about the plan of God, and how we need to trust in the Lord and go to church, and have a goal to feel the spirit of the Lord. I kept going and I said that the Lord loves us, he gave everything for us, and we need to trust him and love him and keep his commandments.

I thought the spirit was telling me to say the things I said for my pesquisadors (investigators), but it didn't seem to effect I was a little sad, but it turns out that the spirit wanted me to say that for a member! After sacrament meeting a member said "thank you for your testimony it helped me a lot". I instantly rejoiced and felt privileged that the spirit trusted me to help someone in the branch.

Final Thoughts:

I feel like I am working really hard guys. I am a little tired, but I've noticed something in the scriptures. All the prophets remember the miracles that God does for them, and they have the force, strength, and will to continue. 
I too am remembering the miracles in my life, and working harder and harder. I remember the miracles, I remember Jesus Christ, and I am remembering that he is cheering us on! I hope you are also remembering these things. Until next week.

Elder Arevalo

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