Monday, September 19, 2016

Unexpected Surprise (Week 53)

Hey Everyone!

I hope you've all had a great week! I definitely had a better one this time, and here is why...

Some of the members out here threw me a surprise party! Why did they throw me a surprise party? Simply because I have been out here in Brasil for a whole year! So they thought they would do something nice for me to celebrate such a great time in my life. I felt the love they had for us missionaries. I was so grateful and blown away by the kindness of these people out here. I know for a fact that the members out here in Brasil have firm testimonies of missionary work and missionaries in general. What a great blessing it was to receive this little surprise from them all. 

Also, being an District Leader is becoming a little easier and fun. I am trying to motivate my district, and I think its working. The zone reached our goal of 15 baptisms! So that's good! I know numbers aren't the most important thing, but making goals are important and reaching them are even better!

I also want to thank everyone for their kind emails I received this past week. It really helped me to hear from family and friends from back home. 

Spiritual Experience:

My spiritual experience was when we went to conference. I learned that the Lord puts people in our lives to help us learn. When we went to a conference, Elder Antunies -one of the 70- helped me see that I need to be a better example to our investigators, and that we need to help others see that we are members of the church of Jesus Christ. We are the light! We should never try to hide our light from the, because in reality we are ones who will help others guide humanity to happiness that is eternal. I now see better, meaning that all my companions: Elder Numbers, Elder Luiz, Elder Graça, Elder Deque, and Elder Ferriera have all helped me move, and become a better person. I also know that before my mission....all my friends, and especially my family have helped me became the ball of happiness and person I am in general. I am going to let the Lord help me through the examples of others, especially from our brother Jesus Christ who was the best example for us in the world. 
One of our investigators said any church that makes great young men who want to help and serve others is truly a church of God, and makes me interested and makes me want to visit. Our example never goes un-noticed especially from our Father in Heaven. 

Investigators To Pray For:


Love you all so much! 
Elder, Arevalo

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