Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Planes, Parties, & Potential (Week 65)

Hi Everyone, 

As you all know...I got transferred, and I am now getting moved AGAIN! Haha they want me to open a new area, so I am officially going to be doing that with my new companion Elder Costa. He is from Sao Paulo, and has been on his mission for 10-11 months so far.  
Off to the new area! 

We took plane and the plane ride was about 45 minutes. The first day in the new area was on Friday, and this past Sunday the new ward had conference so it was good. I didn't get to meet a lot of the members that day, but the ones I did meet were very nice.

Mission Christmas Party:
Christmas Party

So this was a lot of fun! There were games we could play, and I kept going from game to game. We even had a gift exchange, and I had to give something to Elder Silva. I also got a really cool gift! I also saw so many familiar faces, and so many friends that I haven't seen in a long time so that was really great. I am so thankful that our mission president and wife do such nice things for us! They are wonderful. 

Spiritual Experience:

I would say the most spiritual experience I had this week was the Christmas devotional that our mission Christmas party had. The spirit was so strong, and I love every minute of it. 


So in my new area we already have 3 new investigators. Please pray for them!

  • Valmir 
  • Juvinal
  • Vivani

Some last goodbyes from my last area:

I'm going to miss them all so much.

Elder Arevalo 

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